Summer’s Bounty Quiche

If you’re looking for a healthy, colorful way to use up your abundance of eggs this summer, look no further!

Quiche recipes can be a bit overplayed, so it’s time to add a fresh new spin to this classic With the right ingredients, a quiche can easily be transformed to deliciously fit anyone’s taste!

I love to have visitors over to our little farm! After touring the coop, barn, and fields, it’s nice to treat your visitors with a meal Why not share the bounty of your land with your guests! Eggs from your hens, veggies from your garden, and maybe

How to Smoke Eggs for a BBQ

Summer is in full swing! I’m not known for my meat/food smoking abilities but thank goodness I have friends that are! Whew! So, today I’ll share a recipe from my friend, Samantha She agreed to help me with this so I can pass along this recipe to you! Thanks Sam!!

Smoked Egg Recipe

Smokehouse Scrambled Eggs

If you’ve decided to eat better this year, you can’t go wrong with farm fresh eggs!

Full of flavor and nutrients, these smokehouse inspired scrambled eggs are sure to satisfy! Pretty much everyone can cook scrambled eggs, so the whole family can chip in with the preparations!


One of the traditions we have in our home is a big, hearty weekend breakfast If the weather is decent, we like to spend our weekends outdoors We need a full, healthy breakfast to keep us going! Our smoky scrambled eggs stemmed from another weekend tradition: Friday night BBQ

On most Friday nights, we love

How to Make St. Patrick’s Day “4 Leaf Clover” Eggs

Do you need a fun, EASY and healthy breakfast for your family on St Patrick’s Day? Look no further! I’ve got the recipe for you

Let it be known that I’m also totally on board with just pouring your family a bowl of Lucky Charms in a pinch However, these days we’re trying to stay away from a lot

Valentine’s Omelet Muffins

It’s February! This is going to annoy some of you I’m sure, but I love the month of February I’m not sure if it’s because we know that spring is getting close, or because I truly enjoy the Valentine’s holiday I have always loved Valentine’s day (insert some of your eyerolls herehaha) and try to make this holiday a little extra special I always feel like it’s fun to celebrate those we love!

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How to Perfectly Hard Boil an Egg

Hard boiled eggs are a convenient and nutritious snack  They can be turned into a stand-alone protein snack, deviled eggs, egg salad or garnish on a salad  For many years, people quit eating hard boiled eggs because of the cholesterol content  Now, research has shown that not only is the cholesterol content in eggs nothing to worry about, but eating hard boiled eggs can actually lower your bad cholesterol levels  All the more reason to finally learn how to make the perfect hard boiled egg!

Knowing how to hard boil an egg is a must in the kitchen  Cook them

How to Make Deacon’s Famous Omelets!

Growing up, my dad traveled a lot He was a traveling salesman who worked so hard to provide for his family, as well as grow the family business There were times when he’d be gone for 2 weeks or more at a time Our family sacrificed a lot during those years, but looking back, we wouldn’t change a thing

My mom stayed at home and kept us three kids in line Our mom is an

The Wing Lady’s Sliders

Hello October! It’s pretty gorgeous here in Southwest Minnesota We love autumn and all that goes with it! That includes football season Our boys both play and they are enjoying an unusually warm season

If you’re like me, trying to figure out simple, healthy suppers that will satisfy our growing family is not always the easiest Unless of course you’re a professional chef or are super organizedwhich I’m neither! Haha! However, I have been known

New Egg Muffin Hack

This week, I thought it’d be fun to see how fast I could make breakfast It’s school time and all kinds of activities around here and we need quick! I took the ingredients below and turned them into this delicious sandwich in under 2 minutes!!!

Here’s what you’ll need: