How Long Do Chickens Live?


“How long will your chickens live?” I get asked this question quite often actually Most people know that my chickens are my pets Yes, they give us delicious eggs, but they give me so much more!

I’ve had my current flock for 5 ½ years now, and I’m extremely attached to many of

All About the Dominique Breed

Today we’re going to talk about a breed that looks so much like the Barred Rock, it’s almost hard to tell the difference In fact, you have to look pretty close at their combs to tell them apart!

Barred Rocks have a single comb while Dominiques have a rose comb Their feather patterns differ a bit as well, but you have to look pretty close to see that I have Barred Rocks and I love them!  But I look forward to

All About Chicken Feed: How Much, What to Avoid & Best Practices

This week, we’re talking all about chicken feed This is a common question for new backyard chicken owners There are so many options to choose from, so I will share what I use as well as how often I use it Let’s start there


Chicken Coop Lighting in the Winter

I don’t know about you, but me and the girls are feeling this long winter month! While it’s been absolutely gorgeous with multiple days of rime ice, January feels like it may never end Rime ice is when super cooled water liquid droplets freeze onto the trees It’s stunning and makes us feel like we’re in a snow globe

What is the Bloom on an Egg?

Chickens are absolutely incredible, and their ability to create and lay eggs is almost mind-blowing Seriously, until we started raising backyard chickens, I didn’t put much thought into where our eggs came from I would simply grab a couple dozen at the store and that was that

My egg rainbow didn’t extend outside of the classic white and brown egg until I

How Cold Can Chickens Tolerate?

One of the most commonly asked questions I get while raising backyard chickens is how I keep my chickens warm in the winter I live in Minnesota after all so it’s a valid question!

When I first started, I was actually pretty concerned about this, too Our winters can get really cold and harsh My coop wasn’t insulated, and I’d heard that running a heat lamp all the time wasn’t safe I would lay in bed wondering if my chickens would be okay!

Understanding the Pecking Order in Chickens

Shortly after I got my recent flock of chickens, I quickly decided to add more chicks to my flock It was quite the process of integrating the two flocks! After I got them all to be “one happy family”, I felt more comfortable If you’ve integrated flocks, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Annie’s Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipe

It’s the week of Christmas and if you’re like me, there’s a present to be wrapped, a gift to be bought or a cookie to be made! I’m feeling the Christmas squeeze this week, with a predicted winter storm on top of it So, I whipped up some of our family’s favorite cookies today!

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All About the Rhode Island Red Chicken

We’ve all read the story of the “Little Red Hen” I have always loved this story The moral of the story is hard work will get you far in life and laziness will keep you hungry, right? Well, I feel like this sums up the Rhode Island Red breed of chicken perfectly Haha! They are energetic, friendly with people and can be fairly dominant in a flock

Easy Sausage and Veggie Frittata Recipe

I used to be the girl who’d see a word like “frittata” and just keep moving right along I have shared so many times that I am not a gourmet chef I don’t necessarily even love to cook However, when I find an easy recipe or find myself throwing things together in the kitchen that actually work out, it’s worth documenting! Haha!

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