All About the Olive Egger Breed

When I first started raising backyard chickens, I didn’t really think about egg colors I just pictured going out to the coop and collecting our breakfast And while that was fun, I started dreaming about a colorful egg basket One thing led to another and here I am 47 chickens later! Haha! I have no regrets though Our egg basket is beautiful, and our yard is sprinkled with multiple chicken breeds It just doesn’t

What Thanksgiving Leftovers Are Safe To Feed My Chickens?

Do you know what the 10 most popular Thanksgiving dishes are? I had my suspicions and after a quick internet search, I am happy to say I got most of the list right! And let me tell you, I have a few personal favorites on this list

  1. Roast Turkey

  2. Stuffing

A Taste of Fall

Fall is a cozy time of year full of baked treats, pumpkin spice lattes and rich foods While we love all these things at our house, sometimes our bodies crave nutritious, colorful food This fall salad will fill you up and leave you looking forward to the next time you eat it! It’s packed full of nutrition and is super easy to make I love salads because you can throw just about anything you and your family enjoy and it works!

Feeding Your Chickens Pumpkins for a Fall Treat

Have you seen the latest craze? People everywhere are feeding their chickens pumpkins!

It’s a challenge to see if your flock can carve a pumpkin just off the design you scratch into the surface of the pumpkin It’s fascinating to me! The chickens actually start pecking only at the areas that have been lightly scratched off

Pretty soon, they carve

Molting Chickens? Here’s How to Help

You walk into your backyard and it looks like your chickens went on an intense weight loss journey Feathers are everywhere and your hens look skinny and sickly without the full breadth of their beautiful feathers Don’t panic, your flock is fine, they’re just molting!


What is

6 Ideas for Decorating Pumpkins

Don’t you just love having lots of pumpkins around in the fall They are a great way to decorate an indoor or outdoor space to get you in the spirit of Halloween and Thanksgiving One Google search will give you hundreds of ideas on different ways you can jazz up your pumpkins, but I narrowed it down to my six favorites What was my criteria? Easy, fun to do with my kids and grandkids, and something I would be proud to display to family and guests

Common Essential Oil Blends for Humans

It’s October! And around here, that usually means the start of cold and flu season Most people run right for the DayQuil, and we do too sometimes But to start, I usually try to incorporate essential oils into our routine to combat the viral season

There are a few oils that we always have on hand It’s worth mentioning that there are multiple different companies that sell essential oils Do your research

The Best Chicken Breeds for Kids

You should know by now that chickens are a huge part of our family’s life! Mainly by my choice (haha!), but my family goes along with my crazy dreams and ideas

Raising young kids, I remember working so hard to feed them healthy food, teach them responsibility and have them grow up to be respectful So far so good! I didn’t say it was perfect, but we have 5 years left with our little Wings

All About the Barred Plymouth Rock Breed

I am so excited to write this blog! The Barred Plymouth Rock breed is among my favorite breeds of chickens They are so great!

It also helps that my absolute favorite chicken is a Plymouth Rock Happy has been with me from the beginning (#happythechicken) She is the reason I fell in love with backyard chickens So, what’s so special about this breed?

Decorating Your Coop For Fall

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year Our wedding anniversary and my birthday are in the fall And it’s Happy’s birthday too!

We live in Minnesota where we get to experience all 4 seasons, and there’s something so cozy about fall The days get shorter, the nights and mornings get cooler, and the colors are spectacular! Give me all the pumpkin spice everything, a good book and I’m content