How to Support Healthy Eggshell Quality

Raising backyard chickens is my favorite hobby in the entire world! I realize that’s dramatic, but I’m being serious Spending time with my girls brings me so much joy Most people get into backyard chickens for the eggs, and for me that’s just a bonus However, when talking about the beautiful eggs our girls produce, we should talk about how to support eggshell quality

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How to Help Your Flock Beat the Heat

Welcome to June, everyone! Summer is here and we couldn’t be more excited! I’ve said this before that one of the best things about living in Minnesota is being able to experience all four seasons

I get asked fairly often if it ever gets warm in Minnesota The answer is yes! In fact, the temperature forecast for this week is the 80’s and 90’s! And, due to the fact that we’re the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”,

Avocado Egg Salad Appetizer

It’s almost that time of year where we can taste summer! School is winding down, the weather is heating up and backyard BBQ’s will soon be in full swing

I’m an egg lover which is a good thing for someone who has 40 laying hens Haha! So, when we get invited to a backyard party, I love to bring something egg themed Deviled eggs, egg salad or even egg bake Today, we’re going to whip

Facts About Rare Chicken Breeds

I’ll be honest, when I first started raising backyard chickens, I was in it for the eggs I really didn’t care what color or kind or anything of the sortuntil I got my hens! I fell in love with the idea of different breeds of chickens as well as the variety of egg colors It’s become such a fun hobby that now I have quite a large flock! At some point, I may have to thin my flock out a bit When you realize that your family

How to Start Your Garden in Eggshells

In Minnesota, most gardeners start planning and dreaming about their gardens as early as the day they close up their garden in the fall Our winters are long and cold and planning for spring gives everyone a reason to endure winter and continue to live here I realize that sounds dramatic! Haha!

Surgery Isn’t a Do-It-Yourself Project

Featuring Dr Jessica Fox

We are going to tackle a topic today that I haven’t had firsthand experience in but I feel it’s very important to address I know what you’re thinkinghow can I write about something I’m not experienced in? Well, I bring in professionals who are experienced so we can all learn at the same time!


How Do Chickens See?

I remember spending time out in the coop one day Well, this is most days for me I love to sit and watch my girls scratch around and see who can find the best snacks They are silly little birds, and there’s never a dull moment It also gives me a good opportunity to check them all over to make sure they’re healthy and

What is a Fairy Egg?

It started out like any other morning After I got my husband and kids out the door for work and school, I went out to check on my flock and collect any eggs that may be out there I was on my daily egg hunt (not all of my girls have taken a liking to nesting boxes) I was walking through the coop with a train of chickens behind me waiting for their morning treat And there, next to a few other regular sized eggs

How to Make a Chicken Dust Bath

The Best Easter Egg Hostess Gift

Easter is probably my favorite holiday! It’s meaning stretches far beyond little bunnies and egg hunts for me My roots run deep in this holiday and I’m so thankful for the ability to freely celebrate our risen Savior, Jesus! While I hold tight to these beliefs, I’ve always enjoyed the other activities Easter brings as well

I always remember coloring eggs as a kid and the excitement of thinking about which