Repurpose Old Tires Into Dust Baths

It never ceases to amaze me how great my chickens are at digging holes! They love to scratch around, wiggle down and flap around the dirt To keep themselves clean, chickens take dust baths This summer, I’m working on making a dedicated area for my chickens’ dust bath I’ll keep you posted on if they actually use this area or if they continue to just dig dust baths wherever they want Haha!

Beat the Heat With These Fun Summer Activities for Kids

We have hit the hot days of summer! With heat indexes into the hundreds, we are doing everything around here to stay cool While sitting in the A/C is nice, we live in Minnesota and love to be outside in the summer months! Here are some fun summer activities for kids for you to do with your families to stay cool and make memories!

The Best Cucumber Salsa Recipe

Get ready to run out to your garden because I have a delicious recipe for you! Fresh ingredients collide with a fun cucumber twist Actually, more than a twist of cucumber…they’re the star of the show in this recipe

Cucumbers give the salsa a nice crunch and fresh

Decorating Rocks for Your Flower Garden

We’re in full garden swing around here We had an early spring, so the flowers and food garden are bursting, and I love every second of it

Today we’ll discuss a fun little project you can do with your kids It’s inexpensive and a great boredom buster! Plus, it’s an easy way to decorate your garden how you want it I’ve never really considered “decorating” my garden with rocks, but this is

Tips for Protecting Your Free-Range Flock

I remember when I first started with chickens I had four laying hens and they toodled around in the yard in our chicken tractor They were able to get bugs and greens and stay safe all at the same time! As our flock grew, I quickly realized that we needed a different setup

We live on an acreage

Gardening in Containers

I grew up with grandparents and parents who enjoyed gardening It was a big part of our summer Well, at that point it was a big part of their summer Haha! I loved the fruits of their labor, but the weed pulling was not my favorite My husband grew up the same way, so we have enjoyed passing down this life skill to our kids

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All About Black Jersey Giants

Today we are going to highlight one of my favorite breeds But let’s be honest, they are almost all my favorite breeds! Haha! Except Wyandottes I don’t particularly care for them I had a couple of them once and they were so mean to the rest of the flock So, while they’re pretty, I chose to admire them in other people’s flocks instead of my own!

How Do I Know if My Chickens Have Worms?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again Not all parts of raising backyard chickens is glamorous Haha! For real though, today we’re going to talk about something that I really have no experience with, but I’ve done some research for you! We’re going to talk about worms We will go over the signs of worms, how to prevent them and how to treat worms if they should show up in your flock

How to Raise Baby Ducks

It is absolutely no secret that I’m obsessed with raising backyard chickens However, it may surprise you that those sweet little baby chicks weren’t the first ones to pull on my heartstrings! I was all about raising ducks! In fact, the kids sure didn’t have to work too hard for me to cave Honestly? At that point, I had no idea on how to raise anything with feathers My sister had a cockatiel

How to Make Homemade Jam

One of my favorite memories from my childhood was coming home to the house smelling like fresh baked bread, homemade jam, and tomato sauce from the garden slowly simmering on the stove My mom is the best homemaker I know Our home was always tidy and clean and smelled amazing She poured her heart and soul into our family and some of those traits have been passed along to me