Why Feed Oyster Shells?


For an adult hen who is laying eggs, calcium is pulled from the hen’s body to create the egg An egg contains 94-97% calcium carbonate That’s a lot of calcium to pull from a hen who isn’t getting extra calcium supplemented to her! This can cause problems for our little feathered friends The great news is that if you leave oyster shells out all the

Is Changing Feed Harmful to Chickens?

If you’re just starting to raise chickens, a common question that gets asked is, “What is the best feed to give them?” Often, people will search for ways to save money on chicken feed If someone sat down and calculated out the cost of raising backyard chickens, they may find it costs more than just heading to the store to buy eggs However, you and I both know that nothing beats farm fresh eggs! For me, the first question I had to answer was, “Am

How to Sell Your Backyard Chicken Eggs

Most backyard chicken keepers keep just enough chickens to supply eggs for their families However, there are a good number of us who fell victim to chicken math and have a much larger flock than we first planned With 40 chickens, I have more than enough eggs to feed our family and then some! So, what do we do with our extra eggs? We sometimes gift them and sometimes sell them It’s an easy way to make a couple extra bucks and is a fun little business

How to Make a First Aid Kit for Your Coop

While I hope that you haven’t had to deal with too many traumatic issues in your coop, chicken injuries and illness are bound to happen no matter how great of a chicken keeper you are So, I’d rather be proactive than reactive when something goes wrong in the coop

Since using Strong Animal Chicken Essential products, I have not lost one chicken They have been happy, healthy hens and continue to thrive in the coop

New Summer Garden Salad Recipe for Your Labor Day Picnic!

The summer is coming to a close and we’re getting geared back up for schedules, school, football and all things pumpkin spice around here However, summer is still holding on and in my mind isn’t over until after Labor Day! If you’ve been invited to a picnic and need a quick idea for a dish to passlook no further than your garden! I make this salad weekly here because

Biosecurity Tips for Backyard Chickens

When I started back up with raising my current flock (I took a couple years off), I was pretty set on only having 6 chickens Now, fast forward almost 3 years and my flock is up to 40! Hahaha! If you know what chicken math is, that’s why!

I am part of a number of backyard chicken groups on social media and it seems there are always people selling or giving away chickens or looking to

All About Silkie Chickens

Silkies! Just the name in itself makes them fun little birds to add to your flock I currently have 3 little Silkie Bantams in our coop and they bring a lot of excitement to our backyard If you’ve been looking to add this breed to your flock, but have some questions about whether it would be a right fit, I highly recommend the Happy Chicken Coops Ultimate

Annie’s Easy and Delicious Hollandaise Sauce

I love going to restaurants and being so excited to see any dish that includes hollandaise! I remember thinking that it has to be such an art to mix up a beautiful, velvety sauce like that While I’d love for you to all think I’m an excellent and highly skilled chef (ahemI’m not), I’m convinced anyone can whip up this creamy goodness!


Summer Fun Egg Drop Challenge

We’re in the heat of summer here in Minnesota, and I thought it’d be fun to spice things up a bit at our house I challenged everyone to an egg drop challenge! Two of our kids decided to take the challenge I told them I’d reward the person who could successfully drop an egg off our back deck without it breaking

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How to Make Summer Salads in a Mason Jar

I don’t know about you guys, but I had a lot of good food over the 4th of July and have had a hard time getting back on track with our healthy eating! So, here I sit, eating a salad out of a jar and thought I could share a couple of easy salad recipes with you Why mason jars? They are easy to fill, easy to grab and easy to throw in the dishwasher! I’m a canner, so I have a bunch of these beautiful jars