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    1. Hello- this is not a sales site. We do have for sales, but this is only for education. Thank you!

  1. Hi, I have a red fog horn she is health and gives me her egg a day once a double Yorker! But last season, while they were free ranging, I had picked a whole bunch of clover and went into my throughly fenced in yay and called Ruby, she came runnuover. But, she was so eager while pecking away she pulled half the bouquet out of my, I read down with my hand to pick it up and she attacked me, Like a Rooster,, and this season, she is actively looking to attack,,especially at feeding times, but win ha e the Mel worm, and feed the by hand now she peck so aggressively it seems like she does so on purpose!
    My Italian friend that saw her said you grab her neck and push her down to the ground and shoe her who’s boss, and peck her head a few times, Shea will stoppa! In his great accent.
    Also they are forgin like crazy and I was it doing spring ready my garden but, she came in at full charge! Ruby the rude bird?

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