Starlight Green Egger

If you’re looking for a hardy, beautiful layer of green eggs, look no further than the Starlight Green Egger, only available at Hoover’s Hatchery!

One Starlight Green Egger has been a loyal flock member at my home for the past 4 years Her name is Christmas, and she’s named after her bright red feathers and the gorgeous green eggs she lays I’ve had the pleasure of owning some hens from this breed for several years now, and I’m convinced they’ll always have a place here Productive, beautiful, foraging experts, here’s a few reasons you should add some to your flock!

Broadcast Feeding

The simple definition of broadcast feeding is throwing chicken feed on the ground! Before you lose interest, let me tell you the real advantages of feeding your birds this way!

You’ll have less pests!

For a few years now, I have totally stopped keeping my chicken feed in feeders Feeders are convenient, but can attract a ton of unwanted mice and rats! (And the occasional opossum!) Leaving a huge amount of feed open to the public everyday-and night- is an open invitation to nasty pests

My chickens are free range all day They have access to water in the coop and in

The Science Behind Eggs

In today’s culture, there is a movement to return to the wholesome foods of our ancestors We are looking for pure foods, unadulterated by preservatives and chemical ingredients You don’t have to look far, and I bet one of your hens has already made one for you this morning-an egg!

Cool Egg Facts

  • One medium sized egg contains around 160 calories
  • The total cholesterol in an egg is about 200 mg
  • The fresher,the more nutrients are retained
  • It is recommended to eat 1-2 eggs per day to maintain heart health
  • Eggs have been proven to help lose weight!
  • The healthiest egg

How to Repel Summer Flies

Flies are an ugly part of every homestead Whether you have 3 backyard hens or 100 free ranging jungle fowl, flies come with the territory Attracted to poultry feed, feces, and anything gross and moist, flies love a good chicken coop!

To make matters worse, the humid heat of summer provides the perfect fly spawning environment Doesn’t it seem like flies pop up out of nowhere after a summer rain? They suddenly appear, landing places you don’t want them, and spreading germs It can make animal husbandry in the summer miserable!

Luckily there are MANY ways to combat flies around your

Summer’s Bounty Quiche

If you’re looking for a healthy, colorful way to use up your abundance of eggs this summer, look no further!

Quiche recipes can be a bit overplayed, so it’s time to add a fresh new spin to this classic With the right ingredients, a quiche can easily be transformed to deliciously fit anyone’s taste!

I love to have visitors over to our little farm! After touring the coop, barn, and fields, it’s nice to treat your visitors with a meal Why not share the bounty of your land with your guests! Eggs from your hens, veggies from your garden, and maybe

Does Eggshell Color Affect Taste?

It is no lie, we eat with our eyes!

Having a meal that is pretty on the eyes, can make it seem to taste better! Even something so simple as serving your meal on a beautiful plate, instead of a paper one, can make a huge difference!

That leads some to ask, can the eggshell color affect the overall taste and nutrition of an egg?


The answer is no!

All eggs are basically the same inside Each egg, no matter if it is white, brown, speckled, blue, or green, each is around 70 calories and has

Breed Highlight: Prairie Bluebell Egger™

One special breed, unique to Hoover’s, is the Prairie Bluebell Egger™


As well as having a whimsical name, the hens of this breed produce LARGE, bright blue eggs It has been my pleasure to have owned several of these PBEs over the last few years They are always a staple on our farm, and help fill the egg basket with dependable color

According to Hoover’s Hatchery, the lineage of the Prairie Bluebell Egger™ comes from crossing White Leghorn and Araucanas The first reported blue egg layer came from South America in the early

Chore Tips

Who needs a gym membership when you’ve got animals! You’ll definitely get your steps in on a farm!  Here are some tips to make chores easier- no matter if you have a few hens, our a whole menegarie of critters!

  • Have everything in one location

Have you ever seen an old farmhouse painting with the white cottage, big red barn, and chicken coop all peacefully nestled together on a green piece of land? One thing you’ll notice is, all the animals buildings are near the house! Try to plan your outbuildings all within walking distance The closer together your buildings,

Exotic Sunday Brunch


Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

This dish has both!

If you raise your own meat chickens AND have fresh eggs, this is a money-saving, exotic dish for you!

With spring comes lots and lots of eggs! It is such a beautiful time of year! Flowers are blooming, grass is a bright green, and here on the farm, our hens have started laying lots and lots of eggs! You may be searching for some fun and new ways to use them up! There’s only so many ways to cook scrambled eggs and quiche, so today, I’m taking you across the

Edible Flowers for Chickens

Spring is a wonderful time to add fresh freebies to your flock’s diet! Here are some flowers that are safe for your chickens to eat, and chances are, you already have them growing in your yard!

Chickens are omnivores and need nutrients from both animals and plants to thrive If you let your hens out to free-range, they can usually find these goodies themselves You can let your flock free range without worry Chickens like to test everything, but they seem to know what’s good, and what’s not One little bite and they know instinctively if a plant is safe