Special Trick for Boiling Fresh Eggs

With the warmer months now upon us, fresh eggs are more and more abundant!

The hens are now laying on overdrive, supplying us with tons of nutritious eggs everyday!

A fresh egg is still at its peak of nutrition Fresh eggs make splendid cakes, custards, scrambled eggs, quiches, the list goes on

But- have you ever tried boiling fresh eggs?

The eggshells always stick!

Boiling fresh backyard eggs for me, personally, has always been a huge challenge! I’ve tried it all; adding baking soda to the water, adding baking powder to the water, having the eggs

Table Scraps for Your Flock

Feeding table scraps to your chickens feels good, is full circle, and eco-friendly!

My husband and I used to live in the city (a city in Japan to be exact) Everyday we had to separate our burnable trash from the recyclables The amount of burnable food trash that 2 people could create was eyeopening We felt ashamed of all the food scraps we ended up tossing in the trash bin The good news is, if you have chickens, many of your table scraps can go to the birds!

Chickens LOVE table scraps!

Chickens are naturally

Chicken and Fluffy Dumpling Recipe

Chicken and FLUFFY Dumplings

One of my favorite recipes for the Rudd Rangers is chicken and fluffy dumplings

Fluffy as a biscuit y’all! Last year, we processed our some of our favorite meat type birds to date: the Rudd Rangers

Our Rudds were raised on our property and allowed to free range as soon as they were old enough to stay outside Each consumed traditional chicken feed, but also had a rich diet of green grass and all the bugs they could catch

At precisely 3 months of age, they were ready for processing

This recipe is one of my husband’s favorite meals It

Tips for Photographing Chickens

Who doesn’t love to snap some proud parent photos of their flock?

We love our chickens! Just as each one looks unique, each has an individual personality Nothing is more rewarding than capturing that in a beautiful picture

If you’ve ever tried photographing a chicken, you may have quickly realized it can be quite a challenge! Rarely ever is a chicken totally still! They move with lightening like reflexes, constantly bobbing their heads and running around

Here are some quick and easy tips anyone can use to get some excellent pictures of their chickens!


Why Does My Hen Squat?

Have you ever walked near one of your hens and she suddenly hunkers down to the ground with her wings slightly open? She freezes and squats, not moving? This behavior is no cause for concern! Although it may seem like she is scared or in pain, squatting in this manner is a normal part of rooster/hen behavior

As I once heard one person say, “Well, she’s easy” All joking aside, many people assume this behavior means they want to be picked up and are tame The funny, and kind of bizarre thing is, she actually sees the human as a

Easter Fun

With Easter fast approaching, many of us backyard chicken owners are ready with baskets full of fresh eggs!

Hens really start laying on overdrive when the weather warms up and the sun decides to hang around later each evening Those eggs we waited for all winter, may now be arriving in droves! Easter is the perfect time to use up lots of those delicious eggs!


No Easter would be complete without dying Easter eggs, and when you have your own eggs fresh from your hens, it makes it all the more enjoyable

White, cream, blue, green, and dark brown- many of us

Taming Chickens

Have you ever stood in your yard and called your chickens? Have they ever come running like a herd of wildebeest across the plain? Have you ever possessed the sense you may be the most powerful human being on planet Earth, that this may be the peak of your life?

Well, if so, you have experienced tame chickens When someone sees my flock of almost 30 chickens flying and running behind me, they may see someone crazy, but I feel like some sort of Snow White/ Queen of the Beasts


Regardless of breed,

The Right Bedding for Your Coop

One of the most common questions a new chicken owner asks is, “what is the right bedding for my coop?”

Although a common question, the answer might surprise you, even if you are an experienced chicken owner

Not much scientific research has been devoted to the right bedding for backyard flock owners Most research has been poured into industrial sized chicken broiler farms At these farms, heavy bodied Cornish Cross meat chickens eat, poop, and sleep all in the same place-on the ground Since they sleep on the ground, the material they lay in is technically called bedding These chickens are

Rooster or No Rooster?

My grandfather used to swear everyone who had chickens, needed a rooster He would say things like, “a rooster keeps all the hens in line,” or “the hens need a protector” Today we know that although those statements are partially true, roosters are not a necessary part of your backyard flock

You do not need a rooster to get eggs from your hens A hen will continue to lay eggs without the presence of a rooster The eggs will be unfertilized, so you will not be able to hatch them The eggs will be “blanks”

Currently on our little homestead, we

Processing of Rudd Rangers

We were VERY impressed with the overall experience with these Rudd Rangers™! I would definitely do it again! 

Over 11 weeks, they consumed about 8 50lb bags of feed (plus lots of grass and bugs It is worth noting we raised them in the spring when conditions have been ideal Temps rarely getting over 75 degrees and lots of new spring foliage growth) During their entire life, they probably drank around 180 gallons of water We moved the tractor daily, and for the last 4 weeks we let them free range during the