How to Make St. Patrick’s Day “4 Leaf Clover” Eggs

Do you need a fun, EASY and healthy breakfast for your family on St Patrick’s Day? Look no further! I’ve got the recipe for you

Let it be known that I’m also totally on board with just pouring your family a bowl of Lucky Charms in a pinch However, these days we’re trying to stay away from a lot

Mom’s Blueberry Bake

It’s Christmas week! I hope you’re finished with all of your prep and are sipping hot chocolate while the snow gently falls outside No? Haha! Me either! However, we are just about ready around here I have a couple of gifts to wrap and a couple groceries to buy But then I’ll absolutely be sitting by the fire with my hot chocolate waiting for the snow

I’m a creature

The Wing Lady’s Sliders

Hello October! It’s pretty gorgeous here in Southwest Minnesota We love autumn and all that goes with it! That includes football season Our boys both play and they are enjoying an unusually warm season

If you’re like me, trying to figure out simple, healthy suppers that will satisfy our growing family is not always the easiest Unless of course you’re a professional chef or are super organizedwhich I’m neither! Haha! However, I have been known

New Egg Muffin Hack

This week, I thought it’d be fun to see how fast I could make breakfast It’s school time and all kinds of activities around here and we need quick! I took the ingredients below and turned them into this delicious sandwich in under 2 minutes!!!

Here’s what you’ll need: