The Best Greek Salad Recipe

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for healthy, simple meals to feed my family We have had an unseasonably warm winter this year It’s been incredible!

Our Minnesota winters don’t usually allow for grilling, but here we are making delicious meals we normally only get to enjoy in the warmer months This has led me to make other side dishes that make us all dream of summer 

The Best Cucumber Salsa Recipe

Get ready to run out to your garden because I have a delicious recipe for you! Fresh ingredients collide with a fun cucumber twist Actually, more than a twist of cucumber…they’re the star of the show in this recipe

Cucumbers give the salsa a nice crunch and fresh

Summer’s Bounty Quiche

If you’re looking for a healthy, colorful way to use up your abundance of eggs this summer, look no further!

Quiche recipes can be a bit overplayed, so it’s time to add a fresh new spin to this classic With the right ingredients, a quiche can easily be transformed to deliciously fit anyone’s taste!

I love to have visitors over to our little farm! After touring the coop, barn, and fields, it’s nice to treat your visitors with a meal Why not share the bounty of your land with your guests! Eggs from your hens, veggies from your garden, and maybe

New Summer Garden Salad Recipe for Your Labor Day Picnic!

The summer is coming to a close and we’re getting geared back up for schedules, school, football and all things pumpkin spice around here However, summer is still holding on and in my mind isn’t over until after Labor Day! If you’ve been invited to a picnic and need a quick idea for a dish to passlook no further than your garden! I make this salad weekly here because