No Bake Firecracker Tingalings

Can you believe we’re heading into the 4th of July weekend? I am always in awe of how fast these sweet summer days seem to pass by Whatever your weekend plans may hold, I have a fun and easy cookie recipe for you to bring along to your gathering! I actually make these “cookies” at Christmas time! When I was mulling over a fun and easy idea for you, I thought it would be pretty simple to transform them into “firecrackers” to celebrate our freedom

Chicken and Fluffy Dumpling Recipe

Chicken and FLUFFY Dumplings

One of my favorite recipes for the Rudd Rangers is chicken and fluffy dumplings

Fluffy as a biscuit y’all! Last year, we processed our some of our favorite meat type birds to date: the Rudd Rangers

Our Rudds were raised on our property and allowed to free range as soon as they were old enough to stay outside Each consumed traditional chicken feed, but also had a rich diet of green grass and all the bugs they could catch

At precisely 3 months of age, they were ready for processing

This recipe is one of my husband’s favorite meals It