Simple Ways to Decorate Your Coop

Are you looking for ways to make your coop stand out?  There are a lot of ways that you can make your chicken coop attractive  The methods that I’m going to share with you will not only make your coop look nicer, but it can help it last longer and provide benefits to your flock  Let’s dive in!



One of the easiest and most beneficial ways to decorate your coop is to landscape around it  You probably have landscaping around your house, so why not add some landscaping around your chicken’s coop?  You could

How to Tell if a Bird is Molting or if Something Else is Going On

Is your chicken losing feathers?  Any time that your chickens start to loose feathers, it can make you wonder what’s going on or worry you that you aren’t doing enough for your chickens  Molting is a natural process that can look really bad, but in reality, it’s not  So how do you know if your chicken is loosing feathers just because it’s molting or if there’s something else going on?


Signs Your Chickens Are Molting

Molting is a natural process that chickens go through every year Just like sharks go through teeth frequently, chickens and

Adding Enrichments to the Coop

You’ve probably heard the phrase “busy as a bee”  Not to knock how productive bees are, but have you seen how busy chickens can be?  If your chickens have access to a large area to free range, you probably know that they’re up before dawn and they don’t stop wandering around, scratching and searching for food until the sun goes down  They’re naturally very active animals  The only time the stop for rest is at night


Chickens that are kept in a coop still have that same desire to be busy  Without something to do, chickens

Do Birds Lay Different Colored Eggs Over Time?

One of the most interesting aspects of owning your own chickens is the beautiful array of colors that you can get  At the grocery store, you’ll be lucky to find brown eggs, much less eggs that are shades of green, blue, cream or chocolate colored  It’s a breath-taking experience to fill a carton with different colored eggs  Can you pick out which hen lays which eggs based on the color of the eggs?  Do hens always lay the same color egg? Or does egg color change over time?

How do chickens lay different colored eggs?

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How to Reduce Stress in the Flock

Chickens don’t do well when they’re stressed, just like humans  Stress in chickens can lead to a myriad of conditions ranging from reduced egg production and increased illness  Chickens are generally healthy, but they’re much more likely to get sick when they’re stressed  Stress can also cause poor growth in developing chicks and meat birds  Of course, stress is detrimental to your flock’s health  So, what are the ways that you can manage your flock’s stress and keep it to a minimum?


Keeping Chickens Stress-free

It’s important to keep in mind that chickens are prey

My Favorite Dish to Take to A 4th of July Celebration

The Fourth of July is always a huge celebration in our family  We’ve had many family members that are active or have been active military members  Each year, our family holds a huge cookout over the weekend to celebrate the holiday  There are a couple hundred people present each year  On Friday evening, they slaughter a whole hog and put it onto a cooker so that we can have fresh pulled pork Saturday evening  Friday evening is a fish fry  For both meals, everyone in the family brings a dish  Some people bring sides, others bring desserts 

Reducing Flies in the Coop

Farms, chickens and flies  They all go hand in hand  Unfortunately, you can’t have animals (even chickens) around without having flies around  Flies can be a big menace, especially if they find their way onto your or into your house  Let’s talk about some ways that you can keep the number of flies down


Preventing Flies

One of the best ways to keep flies down is to prevent them in the first place  You won’t be able to keep all flies away, but you can do your part to reduce the number of flies significantly  


Incubation Timeline for Chickens

Hatching your own eggs at home is a really fun way to add to your flock  You’ll want fertilized eggs to hatch  You can either get these from your existing flock or you can purchase fertilized eggs from another farm  The process of incubation can take place either artificially with an incubator, or with a broody hen  We’re going to discuss the timeline of developing eggs and how you can manage them if you’re incubating them artificially


Chick Development

It takes chicken eggs 21 days to hatch  There’s a lot that goes on in those

The Difference Between Infertile and Fertilized Eggs

When you first start raising chickens, there are a lot of new terms that you have to learn  You’ll quickly become familiar with the differences between roosters and hens  You’ll be able to quickly tell the difference between different breeds, even if they have similar names like Bantam and Brahma  One topic that can still be slightly confusing is the difference between infertile eggs and fertilized eggs  We’re going to go over the difference between the two types of eggs here


What’s the difference between an infertile egg and a fertilized egg?


DIY Nesting Boxes

Do you have hens?  Are they currently laying eggs all over the place?  If you’re tired of collecting eggs from under the shed, in the rim of that old tire or in the seat of your truck when the windows are down… then it’s time that you give your hens some proper nesting boxes  Buying nesting boxes can be expensive and you may not like the way they look  Making nesting boxes yourself is very simple and only requires a few basic tools like a saw, a hammer and nails or a drill and screws