Reducing Flies in the Coop

Farms, chickens and flies  They all go hand in hand  Unfortunately, you can’t have animals (even chickens) around without having flies around  Flies can be a big menace, especially if they find their way onto your or into your house  Let’s talk about some ways that you can keep the number of flies down


Preventing Flies

One of the best ways to keep flies down is to prevent them in the first place  You won’t be able to keep all flies away, but you can do your part to reduce the number of flies significantly  


Incubation Timeline for Chickens

Hatching your own eggs at home is a really fun way to add to your flock  You’ll want fertilized eggs to hatch  You can either get these from your existing flock or you can purchase fertilized eggs from another farm  The process of incubation can take place either artificially with an incubator, or with a broody hen  We’re going to discuss the timeline of developing eggs and how you can manage them if you’re incubating them artificially


Chick Development

It takes chicken eggs 21 days to hatch  There’s a lot that goes on in those

The Difference Between Infertile and Fertilized Eggs

When you first start raising chickens, there are a lot of new terms that you have to learn  You’ll quickly become familiar with the differences between roosters and hens  You’ll be able to quickly tell the difference between different breeds, even if they have similar names like Bantam and Brahma  One topic that can still be slightly confusing is the difference between infertile eggs and fertilized eggs  We’re going to go over the difference between the two types of eggs here


What’s the difference between an infertile egg and a fertilized egg?


DIY Nesting Boxes

Do you have hens?  Are they currently laying eggs all over the place?  If you’re tired of collecting eggs from under the shed, in the rim of that old tire or in the seat of your truck when the windows are down… then it’s time that you give your hens some proper nesting boxes  Buying nesting boxes can be expensive and you may not like the way they look  Making nesting boxes yourself is very simple and only requires a few basic tools like a saw, a hammer and nails or a drill and screws



How to Tell if A Hen Can Brood Chicks Successfully

One of the best parts about raising chickens is the cute baby chick stage Fluffy, sweet chicks are part of the reason many people decide to get chickens in the first place If you’re raising chickens, you may have noticed a hen that spends more time than the other hens in the nesting box  If so, you likely have a broody hen  Let’s talk about what to look for in a hen to see if she can raise chicks successfully

What does ‘broody’ mean?

The term broody

Planting Produce in Pots

Gardening is a great way to get outside and grow some of your own food  Gardening can also feel difficult, especially if you have bad soil, frequent droughts or problems with pests and weeds every year  Or, you might think that gardening isn’t something you have space for  What if there was a way to make sure that you always had room to grow vegetables?  What if this method was also easier to manage, no matter what issues you have had with past gardens?


Benefits of Planting in Pots

Container gardening is an excellent way

My Favorite Herbs to Plant in the Garden

Planting herbs in the garden is one of my favorite things  Herbs are incredibly useful, pretty and make a perfect addition to any garden  They’re great for adding flavor to your food, creating comforting teas, or natural medicine  Most herbs are also great companion plants for vegetables and can help improve the flavor of your vegetables or keep pests off of your plants  Herbs that are good for you are also good for your chickens Keep reading to see what my favorite herbs are to plant in the garden



Rosemary is a hardy perennial

What Daylight Savings Time Does for Your Flock

In 1874, Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter as a joke to suggest that adjusting waking hours during the summer would conserve candles  It wouldn’t actually become common practice until the mid-late 1900’s  Although most countries in the world observe Daylight Savings Time, it’s often thought of as a nuisance to schedules and sleep patterns  It takes us humans a couple of weeks to fully adjust to the new hours, which change twice a year  What does Daylight Savings Time do for your flock?

How it affects your chickens

Flowers to Plant for Chickens to Eat

Do you have a flock of chickens, but you also enjoy gardening?  If so, have you ever considered planting flowers for your chickens to eat?  That’s probably not a thought that has crossed your mind, as most gardeners work really hard to keep their chickens out of the garden  


There are a few reasons why you should consider planting flowers for your chickens to eat and enjoy  Planting a garden for your chickens will give them their own plants to eat, which will help to keep them out of your flowerbeds  Many

Ways to Show Your Flock Love

Do you keep chickens just for the pleasure of having chickens?  If so, you’re not alone  Many chicken owners keep chickens for the fun of it  Fresh eggs are nice, but just owning chickens is enough reason itself  There are many ways that you can show your chickens that you enjoy them  We’ve put together a list of ways that you can show your chickens some love

Feed your chickens treats

One of the best ways to show your chickens love is to feed them yummy treats