Chick Journey 1.5 Months

Our chicks are currently 15 months old and loving their lives outside!

They are permanently outdoors 24/7, living in their chicken tractor The bottom floor space of the tractor is 8’x8’ This is plenty of space for 7 teenage chicks, but after one whole day, they are ready to be moved onto fresh grass

Having them in a movable tractor works amazingly well! Each morning I quickly check on them, move the tractor, and give them about 2 cups of crumble The feeder is hung on a rope, so it doesn’t touch the

Ways to Show Your Flock Love

Do you keep chickens just for the pleasure of having chickens?  If so, you’re not alone  Many chicken owners keep chickens for the fun of it  Fresh eggs are nice, but just owning chickens is enough reason itself  There are many ways that you can show your chickens that you enjoy them  We’ve put together a list of ways that you can show your chickens some love

Feed your chickens treats

One of the best ways to show your chickens love is to feed them yummy treats 

Christmas Ornament Treats

I chose to create a fun treat for my flock that was festive and nutritious This treat makes for a great boredom buster It is high in protein which is perfect for winter and molting season


Yield: 24 Treats

Prep time: 10 mins

Total time: 40 mins


1 cup – whole wheat flour

1/2 cup – corn meal

3 eggs

1 cup – Canned pumpkin

1 Banana

1/4 cup – Molasses

1/4 cup – Natural peanut butter

1/4 cup – Coconut oil or lard (Melted)

1 Tbs –  Cinnamon

1/2 Tbs – Cayenne

1 cup – Scratch

1 cup – Feed (I used 20% Protein

How to Make Edible Christmas Garland for Your Chickens

We are a week out from Christmas! Do you have all your shopping done? I am actually up to my eyeballs in all things Christmas But because I don’t have enough to do (insert eyeroll here!) I decided to take a break and make my girls something fun I didn’t go overboard on decorating the girls’ coop this year, but I did want to spruce it up with some homemade decorations Edible Christmas garland is a perfect addition to your coop And the best part? You don’t

Can Chickens Smell and Taste?

Growing up, I loved coming home from school My mom always did an incredible job of making our house feel like a home We felt safe, significant and it seemed like there were many days when a home baked treat was waiting for us after school I could smell the fresh baked cookies before I walked in the door and I would follow the scent right into the kitchen It’s there I found mom and a plate of warm, fresh cookies Our senses have a funny way of bringing all sorts of memories back,

Taming Chickens

Have you ever stood in your yard and called your chickens? Have they ever come running like a herd of wildebeest across the plain? Have you ever possessed the sense you may be the most powerful human being on planet Earth, that this may be the peak of your life?

Well, if so, you have experienced tame chickens When someone sees my flock of almost 30 chickens flying and running behind me, they may see someone crazy, but I feel like some sort of Snow White/ Queen of the Beasts


Regardless of breed,

Treats Help Manage A Flock

Anyone who has tried to herd an escaped flock back into the coop quickly discovers that chickens have a mind of their own Some run this way, while others go that way Few un where their owner intends The result is exercise for both humans and chickens and little else
Fortunately, chickens are easy to trick Herding doesn’t work well but tasty lures do Chickens can’t resist a delicious snack No matter where the flock is, as soon as one bird spots treats being served, she’ll cluck and summon her fellow flockmates to the feast