Chick Journey 1.5 Months

Our chicks are currently 15 months old and loving their lives outside!

They are permanently outdoors 24/7, living in their chicken tractor The bottom floor space of the tractor is 8’x8’ This is plenty of space for 7 teenage chicks, but after one whole day, they are ready to be moved onto fresh grass

Having them in a movable tractor works amazingly well! Each morning I quickly check on them, move the tractor, and give them about 2 cups of crumble The feeder is hung on a rope, so it doesn’t touch the

Benefits and Drawbacks of Free-Ranging Chickens

If you’re wondering about free-ranging chickens, let me tell you about our experience! We have a variety of birds on our little farm, and they all free-range Here are some benefits and drawbacks you might want to consider before deciding to let your chickens free-range too

Drawbacks of Free-Ranging Chickens

First, let’s talk about the drawbacks of free-ranging chickens From my perspective, there are really only two negatives, but they can seal the deal for a lot of people

The first drawback is quite simply: chickens make a mess I have a hard time keeping flower beds pretty, and if I can’t