Chick Journey 1.5 Months

Our chicks are currently 15 months old and loving their lives outside!

They are permanently outdoors 24/7, living in their chicken tractor The bottom floor space of the tractor is 8’x8’ This is plenty of space for 7 teenage chicks, but after one whole day, they are ready to be moved onto fresh grass

Having them in a movable tractor works amazingly well! Each morning I quickly check on them, move the tractor, and give them about 2 cups of crumble The feeder is hung on a rope, so it doesn’t touch the

What is Chicken Tractor?

The term “chicken tractor” is commonly used in today’s circle of chicken collectors No, we are not referring to the big green thing with a deer on it We are referring to simply a movable chicken shelter without a bottom

Uses and Benefits

A chicken tractor is most commonly used for those wanting to raise their own meat birds However, I have also found they come in handy if you ever plan on adding baby chicks to your existing flock I have used our chicken tractor over 6 times as a “grow-out pen,”