Treats Help Manage A Flock

Anyone who has tried to herd an escaped flock back into the coop quickly discovers that chickens have a mind of their own Some run this way, while others go that way Few un where their owner intends The result is exercise for both humans and chickens and little else
Fortunately, chickens are easy to trick Herding doesn’t work well but tasty lures do Chickens can’t resist a delicious snack No matter where the flock is, as soon as one bird spots treats being served, she’ll cluck and summon her fellow flockmates to the feast

Learning From Chickens Part 2

With coronavirus closing schools, millions of parents have unexpectedly become home school teachers They are learning how valuable trained professional teachers are as they attempt to help their kids expand their math, reading, and problem-solving abilities
It’s a great time to buy a few baby chicks Start them soon and by late summer they’ll be laying delicious eggs in the backyard Having the ability to produce food is comforting in this age of anxiety A flock of six hens will give a family over two dozen eggs a week
Hoover’s Hatchery reports record chick orders, probably