Feeding Flaxseed to Chickens

We all want to ensure our backyard flocks are as healthy as possible Many of us get into raising chickens primarily for fresh, nutritious eggs But did you know that the diet of your chickens plays a crucial role in the quality of their eggs? Incorporating flaxseed into your chickens’ diet is a fantastic way to boost their health, thanks to its high content of Omega-3 fatty acids
Let’s explore the benefits and best practices of feeding flaxseed to your chickens!

How to Make Edible Christmas Garland for Your Chickens

We are a week out from Christmas! Do you have all your shopping done? I am actually up to my eyeballs in all things Christmas But because I don’t have enough to do (insert eyeroll here!) I decided to take a break and make my girls something fun I didn’t go overboard on decorating the girls’ coop this year, but I did want to spruce it up with some homemade decorations Edible Christmas garland is a perfect addition to your coop And the best part? You don’t

Making Up for Cold Weather Foraging

All spring and summer long, our flock takes care of us They give us tons of eggs on very little feed If you let your chickens out to free range everyday, you get even more “bang for your buck”

This all changes when cold weather sets in Our chickens need us now, more than ever, to take care of their dietary needs


While free-ranging during the warmer months, chickens easily fill their diet with everything they need Chickens are omnivores, meaning they need to consume both vegetable matter and protein Fresh grass and seeds are readily available in our yards during

Facts About Diatomaceous Earth & Pest Control

Today we’re going to discuss somewhat of a hot topic in the chicken world It’s one of those topics that most chicken keepers have a strong opinion What am I talking about? Diatomaceous earth (DE) of course! There are many chicken keepers who won’t get near the stuff and many who use it on a regular basis with much success So, what are your thoughts on DE? Do you use it in your coop? Let’s first take a look at what DE actually is and then I’ll

Planting Fodder for Chickens

Chickens are omnivores, which means that they eat both plants and animals  Well, mainly insects rather than animals  Although chickens have a need for protein sourced from animal tissue, they also need plants to eat


If your chickens are able to get out of the coop and forage, then they’ll have access to grass, seeds and other plants  But what if your chickens can’t leave the coop?


Fodder is a cheap and easy way to get your flock the plants that they need to stay healthy  Growing fodder is simple and requires minimal time, work and equipment