My Favorite Toys for Chickens

I’m sitting here giggling as I write this blog because I have a confession Are you ready? I have always loved toys Obviously as a young child I did, but the joy that toys bring has never left me I’m a grown, adult woman and yet, a stroll down the toy aisle to see what’s new will still bring me joy Now, before you think I’m crazy, I don’t buy myself toys (that would be weird), but I love providing new adventures for

Boredom Busters for Chickens

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘busy as a bee’  I think that ‘busy as a chicken’ should be just as relevant  Chickens are extremely busy and constantly going  Well, when they aren’t cooped up that is  Naturally, chickens would spend the majority of their time walking around scratching the ground searching for insects, seeds and bits of grass to eat  They would get up before daylight and spend the entire day doing this, only retiring right at dark

In an ideal world, you’d be able to let your chickens out everyday and they could spend their days out and about