Tips for Photographing Chickens

Who doesn’t love to snap some proud parent photos of their flock?

We love our chickens! Just as each one looks unique, each has an individual personality Nothing is more rewarding than capturing that in a beautiful picture

If you’ve ever tried photographing a chicken, you may have quickly realized it can be quite a challenge! Rarely ever is a chicken totally still! They move with lightening like reflexes, constantly bobbing their heads and running around

Here are some quick and easy tips anyone can use to get some excellent pictures of their chickens!


What Do You Need In Your Coop?

Your chickens are here and you want to provide them with the best possible life  But, you may feel overwhelmed with all of the coop equipment that you see  What do your chickens need and what’s a waste of money?  Let’s talk about what your chickens need in the body

A Feeder

Your chickens will need a feeder  Although you could get by with an ice-cream bucket full of feed for a while, eventually you’ll want to invest in a good quality feeder  Look for a feeder that is easy to clean and will last a long time  Stainless steel feeders

Overcoming Transportation Stress with New Baby Chicks

Taming Chickens

Have you ever stood in your yard and called your chickens? Have they ever come running like a herd of wildebeest across the plain? Have you ever possessed the sense you may be the most powerful human being on planet Earth, that this may be the peak of your life?

Well, if so, you have experienced tame chickens When someone sees my flock of almost 30 chickens flying and running behind me, they may see someone crazy, but I feel like some sort of Snow White/ Queen of the Beasts


Regardless of breed,

Where to Begin if You Want to Start Raising Chickens

Animal husbandry or livestock for agriculture Chick eating food in the tray and two chicks that are sleeping Under the light bulb warmth on straw in the nightWhich came first… the egg or the chicken? That’s what comes to mind when someone asks me what they need to do if they want to start raising chickens And for the record, the answer is the egg (Today’s domestic chickens are the result of breeding wild jungle fowl with other birds to create what would become the chicken So, it seems to reason that someone at some point crossed two birds

How Daylight Affects Egg-Laying

Chickens are farm superstars  They produce eggs almost daily  Some chickens have even been known to lay multiple eggs per day  They don’t require much food in order to produce those eggs, either  One thing that many chicken owners quickly realize is that some chickens tend to slow down or stop laying eggs in the winter


Why is that?  Keep reading to learn more about why chickens may stop laying in the winter


Hens and Daylight

The hen’s body and egg production is a complex cycle that is impacted by the amount of daylight 

How to Add Ducks or Geese to Your Flock

Chickens and Their Personalities

Most chick catalogs and websites reveal general characteristics of chicken breeds  For example, Leghorns and most other white egg breeds are described as being flighty and noisy  In contrast most heavy breeds, like Australorps and Wyandottes, are claimed to be quiet, gentle, or tame    Some catalogs even go further claiming that certain breeds, often Orpingtons, are friendly

While biologists caution about affixing human personality traits to animals, catalog generalizations of chicken temperament are mostly accurate  Light colored, white egg laying breeds are usually nervous, strong flyers that are somewhat difficult

Learning From Chickens Part 2

With coronavirus closing schools, millions of parents have unexpectedly become home school teachers They are learning how valuable trained professional teachers are as they attempt to help their kids expand their math, reading, and problem-solving abilities
It’s a great time to buy a few baby chicks Start them soon and by late summer they’ll be laying delicious eggs in the backyard Having the ability to produce food is comforting in this age of anxiety A flock of six hens will give a family over two dozen eggs a week
Hoover’s Hatchery reports record chick orders, probably