Taming Chickens

Have you ever stood in your yard and called your chickens? Have they ever come running like a herd of wildebeest across the plain? Have you ever possessed the sense you may be the most powerful human being on planet Earth, that this may be the peak of your life?

Well, if so, you have experienced tame chickens When someone sees my flock of almost 30 chickens flying and running behind me, they may see someone crazy, but I feel like some sort of Snow White/ Queen of the Beasts


Regardless of breed,

4 Ways to Encourage Chickens to Lay in Nesting Boxes

The time of year when spring chicks start laying eggs is a very exciting time! Finding the first little eggs is such a reward for all the hard work we put into our chicks all summer long You know what’s not fun, though? Having to conduct an Easter Egg hunt to find the eggs! Here’s 4 ways to encourage chickens to lay in nesting boxes

If you’re wondering how to encourage your spring chickens to actually use their nesting boxes, you’re not alone Sometimes it seems like chickens go out of their way to make egg collecting difficult Instead of