James Bond Movie Title Fits Chickens

Back in 1983 swashbuckling and suave actor Sean Connery thrilled movie goers in the  James Bond spy movie, NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN   There might not seem to be a connection between the movie and chickens, but there is

Chickens are individuals No two are exactly alike  Each has a distinct personality

Sometimes they do downright goofy things that defy human logic Chickens don’t read catalogs or books or watch YouTube videos about their supposed behavior but one thing is certain  Rigid words don’t work to describe chicken traits  Exceptions abound    When preparing a chick order it’s important to remember that the

Chicken Combs Aren’t for Grooming

Chickadees, sparrows, and most other birds go through life with just feathers on the top of their head Some, like cardinals, have gaudy crests Chickens are different They have fleshy combs on their heads with wattles dangling below

What good are combs? No one is completely sure, but they are impressive Combs may play a reproductive role  A rooster might prefer cozying up with a hen sporting a tall single comb Or he might prefer one with a more subtle pea comb

Combs help chickens regulate their body temperature  Warm blood circulating in a comb releases body heat into the air