Is it Safe to Mail Order Chicks?

When I got back into chickens a few years ago, I started in the fall Our local farm supply store didn’t carry chicks in the fall, so I mail ordered our babies! At first, I was a little hesitant to do that I had a lot of questions such as, “How on earth do they stay alive? Will they be weak and listless by the time they get here? Will it be too cold for them?” And the list went on However, after safely ordering chicks

Why can poultry be shipped through the mail?

Did you know millions of baby chicks are shipped through the mail each year in the US?  You might be surprised that baby chicks can be shipped through the post office  It’s not like you can take a puppy to the post office and ship it across the country, so how can hatcheries and poultry farms ship baby chicks?


It’s All in the Anatomy

In order to understand how baby chicks can be shipped, we need to go over a little bit of chicken anatomy  Let’s consider how a baby chick is formed  The chick develops within the shell and the

Overcoming Transportation Stress with New Baby Chicks