How to Add Ducks or Geese to Your Flock

Ducks: The Fun and Productive

In the past few years, families across America have begun tending small flocks of backyard chickens for good reasons They are fun, produce delicious eggs, and are a wonderful way for children to learn where food really comes from Ducks offer the benefits of chickens yet far fewer people keep them
Chickens and ducks have similarities and some major differences Both species were domesticated from wild ancestors thousands of years ago Chickens originated from wild jungle fowl while most domestic ducks trace their ancestry to mallards, a common wild bird across most of the northern hemisphere Over

How To Enjoy Backyard Ducks

Ducks scampering about the backyard are fun to watch and have the potential of laying at least as many eggs as nearly any chicken breed Like chickens they need healthy food, safety from predators and the weather, and adequate housing to thrive From there, specific needs differ
Ducks seem to love everything about water They’re great swimmers and drink much more water than chickens When caught in a downpour chicken feathers get soggy while raindrops run right off waterproof duck feathers Despite their love of water, it’s not necessary to have a pond or creek on the