What is Water Belly?

I remember when our son, Jett, decided to raise a few broiler chickens He did all the right things and took care of them diligently Yet one day, a couple weeks in, there was a chicken who didn’t look so well She moved slow, was lethargic (yes, I know we’re talking about broilers here!) and wasn’t as “active” as the others

My First Experience with Water Belly

Molting Chickens? Here’s How to Help

You walk into your backyard and it looks like your chickens went on an intense weight loss journey Feathers are everywhere and your hens look skinny and sickly without the full breadth of their beautiful feathers Don’t panic, your flock is fine, they’re just molting!


What is

Egg Bound Hens…What to Do?

If you brought chicks home this spring, and if they haven’t started laying, they will soon! There’s nothing much better than collecting your first eggs! Maintaining a proper diet and keeping hens comfortable will allow them to produce incredible eggs and do it well When they lack proper nutrition, they can get into trouble Today we’re going to discuss what causes an egg bound hen, what to look for, and how to treat them So, let’s get started!

Surgery Isn’t a Do-It-Yourself Project

Featuring Dr Jessica Fox

We are going to tackle a topic today that I haven’t had firsthand experience in but I feel it’s very important to address I know what you’re thinkinghow can I write about something I’m not experienced in? Well, I bring in professionals who are experienced so we can all learn at the same time!