All About the Lavender Orpington Breed

I remember the first day Rosie came to our house I had been doing some research on different breeds to figure out which ones I was going to add to our backyard flock I was so excited to have a wider color variety wandering around the yard, but wanted to make sure I was getting a breed that was a good egg layer yet docile and hearty The Lavender Orpington was of my top picks

What is a Turken?

If you’ve spent any time watching cooking shows, you may have heard of a turducken However, have you ever heard of a Turken?


Yes! A Turken is a real thing, although it is not as it sounds A Turken is a special breed of chicken that lacks feathers on its neck and vent area It is not actually part turkey Turkeys and chickens are unable to breed and produce offspring (Although guinea fowl and chickens can!-but that is a story for another time!)


Along with being a great conversation piece, Turkens actually make quite amazing backyard chickens Turkens, or Naked Necks,

Who’s Laying

One day, on my way to work, I had customer call me at our family pet store and say, “I have all these chickens I don’t want They are young, do you know anyone who could take them!?” My only thought was ME ME ME! Annnndddd that is exactly what I said My husband had mentioned that in the future he would love chickens and I took that as in, today was the future! Hehe, so on my way home for $10, I got a box

All About the Cream Legbar Breed

It’s December and you know what that means, right? Some people are Christmas shopping, some people are busy planning their gardens and shopping for seeds for the spring, but around here? Well, I’m shopping for my next chicken breeds! In case this is you, I’m here to help you out!

Building your flock is an exciting endeavor And as odd as this sounds, egg color never even entered my mind when I

The Best Chicken Breeds for Kids

You should know by now that chickens are a huge part of our family’s life! Mainly by my choice (haha!), but my family goes along with my crazy dreams and ideas

Raising young kids, I remember working so hard to feed them healthy food, teach them responsibility and have them grow up to be respectful So far so good! I didn’t say it was perfect, but we have 5 years left with our little Wings

All About the Barnevelder Breed

I remember when I first started out with chickens I really didn’t pay much attention to breeds; I just wanted the eggs for our family As time went on, I realized that there are so many wonderful chicken breeds out there I started dreaming about adding to my flock and which breeds I wanted the most This is the reason my flock is up to 47 now! Hahaha!

All About the Easter Egger Breed

When we started our most recent flock, I started with all brown egg layers I didn’t give much thought to the color of the eggs, I just wanted nice, hardy chickens! As the idea of having different egg colors started to grab my attention, I decided to add a couple different breeds into our flock The second batch of chicks I got were Easter Eggers!

All About Brahma Chickens

Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite breeds Who am I kidding! I feel like all the breeds are my favorite! Haha! Except maybe not Wyandottes I haven’t had a great experience with that breed However, we’re not talking about the other breeds today Today, it’s all about Brahmas!

What is a Heritage Breed?

Chickens have been a source of protein for hundreds of years  When the Spanish explorers arrived in the Americas, they had chickens in tow  These birds were bred to be hardy and productive  As European settlers arrived in North America, they continued to bring their chickens with them  They bred for health, longevity and productivity  


In 1873, the American Poultry Association began defining breeds  These standardized breeds became highly adapted to various climates  Some breeds were extremely cold hardy and would continue to lay through the darkest winter  Other breeds were developed to be a good