Easter Eggs Fresh from the Coop: Learn to Dye Fresh Eggs this Easter Season

Holy cow! How is it already mid-March? April is fast approaching and that means Easter will be here before we know it! In this post let’s talk FRESH Easter eggs


Many of us are so quick to run to the store to grab a dozen eggs, when in reality we’ve already got what we need in the coop outside! Lots of chicken owners, depending on the breeds you have, will get eggs that

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Keeping Your Flock Comfortable in Chilly Conditions

Winter weather is quickly approaching here in northwest Indiana, so this means it’s time to prepare our coops for the season to come Now, surprisingly enough, chickens are very cold hardy animals If you think about it, all those feathers act like little down jackets While your flock may not like the cold and snowy conditions, they can easily survive in blistery temperatures – especially when you set them up for success from the get-go Here are a few of my favorite ways to winterize your coop

Now Available: NatureServe 20 lb. Resealable Feed Bag Sizes

NatureServe® with Essential Oils, Hoover’s Hatchery™’s preferred feed brand, has a new 20 lb feed bag size available  This new 20 lb resealable bag will be a great addition to the NatureServe bag line up of essential oil flock feeds, with skus available in 10 lb and 40 lb bag sizes

Starting the 4th week of October, the 20 lb new resealable bags will be available for consumers to purchase at retail locations  These bags offer the enjoyable features of:

  • easy to use – pour the feed for your birds and easily reseal 20 lb bags with the zipper inner

Get a Grip: Handling Your Chickens, the Safe and Proper Way

Chickens – little creatures that you just want to pick up and show ALL the affection While they do not seem to be the type to be loved on, backyard flocks become very accustomed to their human families Often times they do not mind being picked up, petted and softly spoken too, but this takes time and the knowledge to do so

As a flock owner it is essential that you know how to properly

Hard-Working Hens: How to Yield the Best Egg Production Out of Your Flock

At what age will my hens start and stop producing? Is there a breed that produces best? Is there a breed that produces best? How can I help my flock produce to the best of their ability? Do the seasons effect my hens? These are all such important questions to ask yourself as a flock owner We all want our flocks to thrive and honestly, what is the point in a chicken (besides a pet) if they aren’t producing to the best of their ability? Though they

The Broody Hen: How to Care for the Hen That Just Won’t Get Off the Eggs

Broody Hens – When such sweet little ladies turn into complete fire-breathing dragons in a snap When it happens … you’ll be left with so many questions and I’m here to help answer some of the most common! Let’s waste NO time and jump right in!

What is a broody hen? — The answer is a broody hen is a chicken that’s natural maternal instinct has kicked in and she has decided to sit on/hatch a

Summer Care at the Coop: Keeping Your Flock Cool & Comfortable During the Heat of Summer

Chickens are good at lots of things — laying eggs, digging holes, throwing attitude around when they’re not pleased and even when they are happy… but one thing they are absolutely terrible at is keeping themselves cool in extreme heat They need all the help they can get!

One of the most important things you need to know as a chicken owner is how to identify when they are overheated They give signs like:

Harvesting Clean Eggs: Tips to Collecting Eggs That Don’t Require Any Washing

“To wash or not to wash” seems to be a big question when it comes to farm fresh eggs Some people prefer them washed; others (like me) prefer their eggs untouched I’m often asked how I clean my freshly harvested eggs, but truth is, I don’t They go straight from the hens hiney, to the nesting box, then to the egg cartons No cleaning in between When you have a flock of 50 hens (and counting, yikes),

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How to Keep Flies Out of Your Coop: Simple and Effective Ways to Keep Your Coop Fly Free This Season

“Shoo fly shoo!” We all know this statement far too well Keeping the flies out of your coop can seem like a battle you just can’t win Trust me – I’ve been there far more times than I can count When you’ve got an abundance of flies in and around your coop, it makes tending to your flock a lot less enjoyable I’m here to share all the tips and tricks that I know to help you get back to enjoying your flock this season!


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