How Long Will Hens Stay Broody

Some chicken traits are both admirable and frustrating Patience is an example


People often lack patience They grit their teeth waiting at a red light, and zoom off the second it turns green Instant gratification is expected Fortunately, in this fast-paced world, a broody hen teaches us the merits of calmness and patience


At one time, the only way to get new chicks was to let a broody hen warm egg for a 21-day incubation period Nature programmed hens to develop a maternal urge, usually in the spring, and raise babies  After filling her nest with fertile eggs she’ll fluff up

How to Tell if A Hen Can Brood Chicks Successfully

One of the best parts about raising chickens is the cute baby chick stage Fluffy, sweet chicks are part of the reason many people decide to get chickens in the first place If you’re raising chickens, you may have noticed a hen that spends more time than the other hens in the nesting box  If so, you likely have a broody hen  Let’s talk about what to look for in a hen to see if she can raise chicks successfully

What does ‘broody’ mean?

The term broody

James Bond Movie Title Fits Chickens

Back in 1983 swashbuckling and suave actor Sean Connery thrilled movie goers in the  James Bond spy movie, NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN   There might not seem to be a connection between the movie and chickens, but there is

Chickens are individuals No two are exactly alike  Each has a distinct personality

Sometimes they do downright goofy things that defy human logic Chickens don’t read catalogs or books or watch YouTube videos about their supposed behavior but one thing is certain  Rigid words don’t work to describe chicken traits  Exceptions abound    When preparing a chick order it’s important to remember that the

The Broody Hen: How to Care for the Hen That Just Won’t Get Off the Eggs

Broody Hens – When such sweet little ladies turn into complete fire-breathing dragons in a snap When it happens … you’ll be left with so many questions and I’m here to help answer some of the most common! Let’s waste NO time and jump right in!

What is a broody hen? — The answer is a broody hen is a chicken that’s natural maternal instinct has kicked in and she has decided to sit on/hatch a

VIDEO: Broody Hen Chicks and Integrating Them Into the Coop