How to Hold a Chicken

Holding chickens is one of my favorite hobbies! There’s nothing like going out to the coop and getting in some good chicken snuggles While this is a highlight of raising backyard chickens, it’s also very important to know how to hold them correctly Why? First of all, knowing how to hold a chicken is important so you don’t cause injury Secondly, holding your chickens is important to give them a good health inspection Looking over their combs, waddles, eyes, beak, legs, body and

Get a Grip: Handling Your Chickens, the Safe and Proper Way

Chickens – little creatures that you just want to pick up and show ALL the affection While they do not seem to be the type to be loved on, backyard flocks become very accustomed to their human families Often times they do not mind being picked up, petted and softly spoken too, but this takes time and the knowledge to do so

As a flock owner it is essential that you know how to properly