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Harvesting Clean Eggs: Tips to Collecting Eggs That Don’t Require Any Washing

“To wash or not to wash” seems to be a big question when it comes to farm fresh eggs Some people prefer them washed; others (like me) prefer their eggs untouched I’m often asked how I clean my freshly harvested eggs, but truth is, I don’t They go straight from the hens hiney, to the nesting box, then to the egg cartons No cleaning in between When you have a flock of 50 hens (and counting, yikes),

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Dating and Refrigerating Eggs- What You Need to Know

To refrigerate or not to refrigerate farm fresh eggs That’s the question If you’ve traveled out of the US, you might have noticed that many countries don’t actually keep their eggs in the fridge Grocery stores throughout Europe keep their egg cartons at room temperature, and it’s the same in many countries around the globe

That begs the question, do we really have to refrigerate eggs?? It all boils down to three questions: do you wash your eggs, how quickly will you use the eggs, and what are you doing to avoid salmonella?


Too Many Eggs? Dealing with a Surplus

Bringing fresh eggs from coop to kitchen is a backyard flock owner’s delight Trouble is, sometimes there’s too much of a good thing

Hens lay on their own schedule Adding light during winter’s short days tricks birds into thinking it’s spring so they lay more eggs during the dark months But lighting a coop isn’t a perfect solution

All hens seem to lay more as daily natural sunlight expands and days warm Families who don’t use artificial winter light see egg production strongly rev up come spring Those that do use lights often see a smaller increase Fancy breeds, not known

Tips for Cleaning Eggs

You’ve successfully raised your fluffy, sweet chicks into beautiful hens  Your hens have started to lay and you can’t wait to crack open your first home raised egg  When you go out to the coop to collect eggs, you might be surprised to see that your eggs aren’t always clean and perfect  There are many things online about the do’s and don’t of cleaning eggs  What’s the best and safest way to clean your farm eggs?

Should you wash fresh eggs?

You may be surprised to learn that the United States is one of the few countries that sells refrigerated eggs