Easter Eggs Fresh from the Coop: Learn to Dye Fresh Eggs this Easter Season

Holy cow! How is it already mid-March? April is fast approaching and that means Easter will be here before we know it! In this post let’s talk FRESH Easter eggs


Many of us are so quick to run to the store to grab a dozen eggs, when in reality we’ve already got what we need in the coop outside! Lots of chicken owners, depending on the breeds you have, will get eggs that

Dying Eggs Naturally

Dying eggs naturally is such a treat – it’s not hard and it’s a really fun thing to try with your kids With a bit of time and pre-planning, using saved food scraps and other items, you might not even have to buy anything extra to create the most beautiful naturally dyed eggs!


Surely, you’ve seen the lovely color combos you can create with your own eggs using items from your kitchen or things you have foraged yourself If you’d like to dye Easter Eggs naturally, this year, here are a few tips and color combos to try!