How Long Will Hens Stay Broody

Some chicken traits are both admirable and frustrating Patience is an example


People often lack patience They grit their teeth waiting at a red light, and zoom off the second it turns green Instant gratification is expected Fortunately, in this fast-paced world, a broody hen teaches us the merits of calmness and patience


At one time, the only way to get new chicks was to let a broody hen warm egg for a 21-day incubation period Nature programmed hens to develop a maternal urge, usually in the spring, and raise babies  After filling her nest with fertile eggs she’ll fluff up

The Broody Hen: How to Care for the Hen That Just Won’t Get Off the Eggs

Broody Hens – When such sweet little ladies turn into complete fire-breathing dragons in a snap When it happens … you’ll be left with so many questions and I’m here to help answer some of the most common! Let’s waste NO time and jump right in!

What is a broody hen? — The answer is a broody hen is a chicken that’s natural maternal instinct has kicked in and she has decided to sit on/hatch a