Hen Heirarchy

We’ve all heard of the old term: pecking order

The truth is, the pecking order is a very real thing in a flock of chickens Although it may seem brutal to us, establishing a pecking order, is inevitable if you have more than one chicken It establishes the leaders from the followers

All the way down the totem pole, each and every chicken has their place

The number one contributing factor in hen hierarchy is age

Age, not size, separates the bosses from the underdogs

One of my most assertive hens, happens to be the tiniest,

How to Make a First Aid Kit for Your Coop

While I hope that you haven’t had to deal with too many traumatic issues in your coop, chicken injuries and illness are bound to happen no matter how great of a chicken keeper you are So, I’d rather be proactive than reactive when something goes wrong in the coop

Since using Strong Animal Chicken Essential products, I have not lost one chicken They have been happy, healthy hens and continue to thrive in the coop

VIDEO: Adding the “Cluck” to Cluster Cluck