When Can Chicks Start Eating Veggies?

Mom is the best teacher That’s true with both people and chickens

While a mother hen is teaching her chicks, she can also instruct observant people

Years ago, most baby chicks had the good fortune to have a mom  In those preindustrial days broody hens patiently sat on fertile eggs for 21 days until they miraculously hatched into peeping babies Then, for the next couple of months, she kept them warm, protected them from danger, and taught them how to choose a healthy and balanced diet

That’s not common today  Nearly all baby chicks are

Keeping Your Flock Safe From Predators

Chickens are a wonderful addition to any farm or backyard Chickens, however, attract not so wonderful critters to your farm or backyard You may realize that chicken feed will undoubtedly attract mice to your feed shed But have you thought about the predators that will be attracted to your chickens? Chickens that aren’t secured in a coop make an easy meal for predators like raccoons, foxes and hawks Here’s how to make sure that your birds stay safe
A coop is a must have
You cannot keep your chickens safe without a coop At night, chickens roost

Keeping Water Liquid

Like humans, chickens enjoy sipping cool refreshing water They drink a surprising amount, even in winter, and it’s essential that they always have it available
There’s a problem Winter! When the temperature plunges below freezing water soon becomes ice A chicken’s beak is a versatile organ able to snatch up even the tiniest morsel, but it can’t chip a hole in the ice to get a drink or substitute snow for water Fortunately, there are ways to keep water liquid through the nastiest cold spell
Old Fashioned Bucket Brigade
Buckets are the age-old way to

Showing Our Flocks Some Love

Few backyard experiences are as rewarding as bringing newly laid eggs from the coop’s nest box into the kitchen, but well cared for chickens give their owners more than the makings of a delicious breakfast Hens readily provide hours of amusement with their antics in the coop and run, add a touch of color to the yard from their varied features, and donate droppings to create the world’s best garden fertilizer Here’s how we show our flocks some love…
A flock of chickens deserves respect and kindness in exchange for all they give their owners Expressing appreciation

Week 11 With Rudd Rangers

This past week, our Rudd Rangers have been truly enjoying their new found freedom! 

 Every morning, I walk out to their tractor and pull it onto a fresh spot (Might I add that you will not want to keep them too close to your house as they do poop a lot!) Next, I open up the door and all the excited chickens come running out! I fill up their feeder with pellets and fill up their 3 gallon water tank, and forget them until evening comes In the past, we kept our meat

Week 9 With Rudd Rangers

This week marked another first for the Rudd Rangers; they experienced freedom!

It was brief, it was supervised, but it was freedom! It was really hilarious to see them running and FLYING out of the tractor door! They were very excited! 

However, the possibility of losing one to a predator scares me to death, so I usually end up corralling them back inside after an hour or two Since they have grown up in the chicken tractor, they do not stray to far from it When the sun is gets

Coop Spring Cleaning

Spring never seemed to arrive this April throughout the Midwest Waves of snowstorms and cold swept across vast areas of the American heartland, but finally toward the end of the month warmer weather eased in
Warm spring weather means it’s time to do a thorough coop cleaning The tasks are messy and completing them makes the coop a comfortable home for the flock as warm weather arrives and a pleasant place for folks to visit So, don your old clothes, put on work shoes, and slip on gloves and get that coop spruced up