Best Breeds for Hot Climates

Summer’s dog days are miserable Plants droop in the heat as wildlife retreat to shady places On scorching days people sequester in the comfort of their air-conditioned home But, what about the poor chickens out in the coop?


Chickens feel the heat That seems ironic since the species evolved in the steamy tropics of Southeast Asia  Despite their origin more chickens die of heat stress than from the frigid cold of a northern winter


Heat can stress or kill chickens nearly everywhere, not just in the deep south North Dakota and upstate New York, both famous for frigid winters, often see

How to Identify a Dehydrated Chicken

We are in a heat wave here…along with most of the country It’s mid July and there’s no break in sight As you know, a chicken’s feathers act like a winter coat I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine wearing a winter coat in this heat! Along with their feathers, chickens don’t have sweat glands This combination can provide the perfect storm for your chickens

Keeping Chickens Productive in Summer’s Heat

In the summer of 1896, a heat wave gripped New York City at a time when people lived crammed together in tenements Lacking air conditioning and running water, the heat killed about 1500 people in ten sweltering days


In an era when governments did little to help people, then relatively unknown Theodore Roosevelt took action that saved lives and launched his political career

As police commissioner he ordered the fire department to spray down the exterior of buildings, sidewalks and streets with water and worked to have ice delivered to suffering people The water dropped building temperatures a few degrees and