Raising Backyard Chickens: What I Wished I Would Have Known

I am so excited to write this blog! We have been raising backyard chickens on and off for the last 15 years So, naturally, we’ve learned some of the do’s and don’ts of raising backyard chickens While the list could be quite long, I’m going to give you the top 3 things I wished I would have known when first starting out on our backyard chicken adventure!

Can Chickens be Pets?

When we visited Hoover’s Hatchery before the pandemic, we noticed a sticker saying, “Yep, I talk to my CHICKENS” Those words started us thinking Do chickens make good pets?

Chickens are amazing and unique animals With the possible exception of ducks and rabbits, they are the only farm animals that mesh well with suburban lives Most American homes are built on quarter acre lots With neighbors close and yards small families can’t keep sheep, cattle, or hogs

Chickens are different Needing little space, they shine as suburban food producers happy to recycle kitchen scraps as they gift a family with delicious

Why Your Kids Need Chickens

I’m a huge advocate for having children involved in raising livestock One of the easier species of livestock to keep is chickens Chickens are a great farm animal to get kids involved with Chickens require just enough care that children can learn responsibility and don’t require that much help from adults
One of the reasons that more children should own farm animals is all about learning Raising an animal of any kind teaches a child responsibility Children learn to take care of something and anticipate something’s needs other than their own There is a ton of research

Do Chickens Make Good Pets?

A woman is occasionally spotted on a New York City sidewalk, leash in hand, walking a chicken Ask her if chickens make great pets and you’ll get an enthusiastic, “Yes! They are wonderful” Her chicken lives with her in her apartment
Ask the same question of a family that raises batch after batch of Cornish Rock Broilers destined for the barbeque grill and you’ll get a resounding, “No, chickens are food animals”

Most families that keep a small