Benefits of Lemongrass & Eucalyptus Essential Oils in Chicken Coops

If you’ve been around here long enough, it’s no secret that Coop Recuperate is hands down my favorite product for our coop bedding Part of the reason I got back into backyard chickens was because of this product!

Before Coop Recuperate, I hated the smell of backyard chickens They poop a bunch, create a lot of dust and just don’t smell fantastic Coop Recuperate changes all

How to Clean Your Chicken Coop Only 2 Times a Year

Spring is in the air! We are looking forward to longer days and warmer temperatures around here! The girls are starting to pick up in their egg production and the long winter days are coming to an end

I often get asked how many times I clean our chicken coop per year Since we utilize the

How to Control Ammonia Odor in the Coop

It’s that time of year when the cold is setting in We woke up to a blanket of snow on the ground this morning And while it’s beautiful, the chickens prefer the dirt and grass A couple of them may wander in the snow, but for the most part, the girls stay tucked in their coop

We’ve talked about how much chickens poop, so you can imagine what a coop full of chickens may look

Tips for Reducing Flies in the Coop

Flies are a constant nuisance, especially in backyards where you have livestock  Chickens don’t attract a huge amount of flies when compared to larger livestock like cattle or pigs, but they will still attract flies  Thankfully, there are a few simple ways to keep the annoying flies at bay

One of the first steps to reducing flies is to keep the coop and run clean  Flies are scavengers and feed on feces, decaying things and anything gross  If you keep the coop cleaned out, you’ll reduce the feed supply for flies around the coop  Remove poop daily  Poop in the

Managing A Chicken Run

A joy of keeping a backyard chicken run is watching hens frolic outdoors Spending time in the fresh air gives birds a chance to sunbathe, dust their feathers, flap their wings, run, and enjoy dining on tasty green shoots and the protein-rich insects The best housing for a small flock includes a sturdy coop that protects birds from the weather, predators, and biting insects plus a run where they can enjoy the pleasures and healthful benefits of being outside
A well-managed run should have a sturdy pop hole door connecting the coop with the run Most chicken