Starlight Green Egger

If you’re looking for a hardy, beautiful layer of green eggs, look no further than the Starlight Green Egger, only available at Hoover’s Hatchery!

One Starlight Green Egger has been a loyal flock member at my home for the past 4 years. Her name is Christmas, and she’s named after her bright red feathers and the gorgeous green eggs she lays. I’ve had the pleasure of owning some hens from this breed for several years now, and I’m convinced they’ll always have a place here. Productive, beautiful, foraging experts, here’s a few reasons you should add some to your flock!

No Two are Alike!

Starlight Green Eggers often lack the fluffy cheeks and ears of other colored egg layers. They retained the pea comb and small, hooklike head. One (as of now) common thread in this breed is the probability to be red. Any variation of red! As deep a mahogany as a Rhode Island Red, to almost totally golden with orange stripes, or even a deep red body with a bronze head- they’re all red! (Usually) If you order a colored layer mix from Hoover’s, chances are if it’s a reddish chipmunk chick, it’ll probably be a Starlight Green Egger.


Awesome Eggs

The evolution of colored egg laying genetics has come a long way in recent years. It all started with the Aurucnana from South America, that lays blue eggs. Their descendants are easily recognizable by their fluffy cheeks and styled ear muffs.

After much trial and error, the range of colored layers has grown! Hoover’s has several variations of colored layers, all hybrid types that contain the best of both worlds.

I get an egg from my 3 year old SGE, Christmas, almost every single day, without fail. I have so many SGEs at the moment, that my egg basket is mostly all green! The Starlight Green Egger’s eggs are usually a delicate, pastel green. I like to liken it to a minty green.

Real Survivors

Mixed with leghorn lineage, the SGE is a superb free ranging chicken. More and more people these days are realizing that free ranging is best for chickens. If you have room and no regulations, letting your chickens out everyday is cheaper, cleaner, and more enjoyable for you and the flock! I’ve found that the SGE is custom made to free range. The leghorn lineage makes them small enough to fly and flighty enough to pay attention to danger. Our SGE hens are all so beautiful and awesome survivors!

The Starlight Green Egger is truly a backyard chicken star,as the name implies! I hope you’ll consider adding some to your flock this year!