All About the Sapphire Splash

Today I’m here to tell you about a chicken breed most of you have never heard of before, the Sapphire Splash.
Most of us have heard of the Sapphire Gem, a beautiful dark grey chicken that adds a sophisticated touch of color to a mixed flock. The Sapphire Gem has a cousin, the Sapphire Splash. Both are breeds originate in the Czech Republic.
I just love Sapphire Splash chickens, and not just for their color. Sapphire Splashes have some of the best temperaments of any chicken on the market now. My family has always had at least one SS hen on our little farm for the past 5 years. Whether I’ve gotten some in a hatchery mix, or specifically ordered some by breed, we’ve always enjoyed them!

Sapphire Splash chicks can be nervous at first, like all chicks. However, there seems to be something in their DNA that allows them to bond with people quicker than other breeds.

With an order of SS chicks, you can be sure that each will be a little different. All chicks are a shade of grey when young. They often have beautiful, grey eyeliner feathering and speckled beaks and feet. After maturing, the base coat of feathers are a cool, white grey. The splash pattern refers to the small darker grey freckles that dot the plumage. Each one has their own density of spotting, and some may have hardly many specks at all. The one common color trait they share is the toned, almost cool purple/blue base. I look at my hens sometimes and have thought they almost look baby blue after a fresh molt.

Sapphire Splash hens are excellent layers. They are one of the very last chickens to stop laying in the dead of winter. They are reliable layers, laying a large tan egg everyday under the right conditions. The body shape of an SS chicken is made for laying. You can compare their body shape to that of an ISA hen; having a deep chest, erect fan-like tail, and a slender S-shaped neck.

Sure the color of the Sapphire Splash is beautiful, and they lay great, but that’s not the shining quality they all possess.

Sapphire Splash chickens, especially the hens, are exceptionally friendly and tame. After only a short while, they gain trust in their owners. This makes them a wonderful breed for children!
With a few snacks, a Sapphire Splash will very quickly become your sidekick! No matter the mixed flock I’ve had over the years, it’s always been one Sapphire Splash or another who has had the kindest demeanor. There’s been Climber, Speedy, Silver, and currently just the one, named Coconut.

Unfortunately, in my experience, it can sometimes the the most friendly chickens who are the least afraid of danger. We have lost a few Sapphire Splash hens to rogue dogs. Due to their docile nature, they were sometimes the last ones to get away. This can be heartbreaking, but don’t let it deter you from trying out this awesome breed!

All this Sapphire Splash talk makes me eager to order some this coming Spring. I hope you too will consider this beautiful, approachable breed for your flock!