Ways Chickens Benefit a Garden

Are you raising chickens and trying to grow a garden?  Don’t get hung up on trying to keep your garden and chickens separate  Instead, try to think about how you can make them work together  Chickens can be extremely beneficial for your garden  In fact, before chicken coops were a thing, many homesteading families relied on their chickens to help in the garden


Benefits of Chickens in the Garden

  1. Chicken Manure  Did you know that many farmers spend a lot of money each year to put chicken poop on their fields?  Chicken litter, or chicken manure, is a wonderful fertilizer

Starting Seeds in Eggshells

Starting seeds in eggshells is a great activity to do with your kids this summer! Now that school is almost out and last frost date has passed, it’s time to get going with warm crops for the summer garden


Eggshells make a great seed starting pot! Not only do they decompose once they’re planted, but they also enrich the soil with calcium and nitrogen during the decomposition process These two nutrients are essential for your seedlings and will help them grow well in the garden!


You don’t need a lot of supplies to start

When Can Chicks Start Eating Veggies?

Mom is the best teacher That’s true with both people and chickens

While a mother hen is teaching her chicks, she can also instruct observant people

Years ago, most baby chicks had the good fortune to have a mom  In those preindustrial days broody hens patiently sat on fertile eggs for 21 days until they miraculously hatched into peeping babies Then, for the next couple of months, she kept them warm, protected them from danger, and taught them how to choose a healthy and balanced diet

That’s not common today  Nearly all baby chicks are

How to Start Your Garden in Eggshells

In Minnesota, most gardeners start planning and dreaming about their gardens as early as the day they close up their garden in the fall Our winters are long and cold and planning for spring gives everyone a reason to endure winter and continue to live here I realize that sounds dramatic! Haha!


Raising chickens and gardening go hand in hand  You may know that you can improve your garden with your chickens, but have you tried composting to improve your garden?  It’s a simple way to reduce your waste and make your garden better, all at the same time

What is composting?

Composting is a method of reducing waste and turning it into something that gardeners like to call ‘black gold’  When you compost, you take kitchen and household waste and allow it to break down  Many waste materials, especially from the kitchen, contain valuable nutrients that plants need  With enough compost, you

Methods for Preserving Fresh Garden Vegetables

A home vegetable garden can provide you and your family with an abundance of healthy and delicious food Today we’re providing some methods for preserving fresh garden vegetables The extra garden goodies can be preserved so that your family can enjoy them all year long Traditionally, foods were dried or cured Don’t worry though, these aren’t your only options to preserve your food Modern methods allow us to preserve foods in ways that are safe and delicious