VIDEO: Seeds for Preservation and Perseverance with Amyrose Foll

Food sovereignty is the right to choose what food to eat, where it comes from, and how it is grown In the past five centuries, native foodways were used as control, a weapon to wage war on our population, and more recently as a blight on our health By taking control of our seed, in some cases bringing varieties back from the brink of extinction, and growing our own fresh fruits and vegetables, we are not only preserving our cultural heritage and revitalizing our foodways, but becoming a testament to the resilience of

New Summer Garden Salad Recipe for Your Labor Day Picnic!

The summer is coming to a close and we’re getting geared back up for schedules, school, football and all things pumpkin spice around here However, summer is still holding on and in my mind isn’t over until after Labor Day! If you’ve been invited to a picnic and need a quick idea for a dish to passlook no further than your garden! I make this salad weekly here because

How to Prevent Chickens from Eating Your Garden

A lot of people who keep backyard chickens also garden because it seems like a good combination Chickens can be really helpful for gardens, but they can also be very harmful If you’re curious about chickens and gardening, keep reading!


How Chickens Help Your Garden

Chickens can help out in the garden because they are natural tillers Turn them loose in your garden, and they immediately go to town, scratching and rearranging your dirt They can prep it in the fall, help spread out your compost or mulch, and have fun in the process

Their bedding is a great source of nitrogen

A Beginner’s Guide to Canning

One of the best parts about homesteading is the garden-fresh produce that you’ll grow  Have you ever heard someone say “nothing tastes better than a home-grown tomato”?  That couldn’t be more true  Produce that you’ve grown yourself always tastes better than what you can buy in the grocery store or even at a local farmer’s market

But what do you do when your garden grows a little too much?  We have a saying in our family about the fact that your garden can never produce too much  When you find your refrigerator overflowing with fresh vegetables from your garden, it’s

Ways Chickens Benefit a Garden

Are you raising chickens and trying to grow a garden?  Don’t get hung up on trying to keep your garden and chickens separate  Instead, try to think about how you can make them work together  Chickens can be extremely beneficial for your garden  In fact, before chicken coops were a thing, many homesteading families relied on their chickens to help in the garden


Benefits of Chickens in the Garden

  1. Chicken Manure  Did you know that many farmers spend a lot of money each year to put chicken poop on their fields?  Chicken litter, or chicken manure, is a wonderful fertilizer

Starting Seeds in Eggshells

Starting seeds in eggshells is a great activity to do with your kids this summer! Now that school is almost out and last frost date has passed, it’s time to get going with warm crops for the summer garden


Eggshells make a great seed starting pot! Not only do they decompose once they’re planted, but they also enrich the soil with calcium and nitrogen during the decomposition process These two nutrients are essential for your seedlings and will help them grow well in the garden!


You don’t need a lot of supplies to start

When Can Chicks Start Eating Veggies?

Mom is the best teacher That’s true with both people and chickens

While a mother hen is teaching her chicks, she can also instruct observant people

Years ago, most baby chicks had the good fortune to have a mom  In those preindustrial days broody hens patiently sat on fertile eggs for 21 days until they miraculously hatched into peeping babies Then, for the next couple of months, she kept them warm, protected them from danger, and taught them how to choose a healthy and balanced diet

That’s not common today  Nearly all baby chicks are

How to Start Your Garden in Eggshells

In Minnesota, most gardeners start planning and dreaming about their gardens as early as the day they close up their garden in the fall Our winters are long and cold and planning for spring gives everyone a reason to endure winter and continue to live here I realize that sounds dramatic! Haha!