What is Marek’s Disease?

Have you ever heard of Marek’s Disease? If not, today is your lucky day! You’ll learn all about the causes, if it’s treatable and how to sanitize your coop after Marek’s strikes your flock This way you won’t have an unnecessary panic attack like I did the first time I thought I had a chicken with Marek’s


All About Oregano Essential Oil for Chickens

I am so excited to share this week’s blog with you all! I feel there are so many questions in the backyard chicken world about essential oils What essential oils should I use? Are all essential oils created equal? Can I overfeed essential oils to my flock? Well, guess what? I got to sit down and talk with Dr Tim Broderick from the Strong Animals team and ask some of the questions you all have!

Reasons Birds Stop Laying

If you’re raising chickens, one of the reasons that you probably started with chickens is so that you could have fresh eggs  It can be a bummer when your hens stop laying  What causes hens to stop laying eggs?  Let’s dive into why birds will stop laying

The Science of Why Birds Lay Eggs

In nature, most birds will lay eggs only in certain times of the year  They will lay eggs when it’s the best time to raise their young  The ‘best’ time depends on temperature, whether food is readily available and other factors from the environment  Some birds will

Biosecurity Tips for Backyard Chickens

When I started back up with raising my current flock (I took a couple years off), I was pretty set on only having 6 chickens Now, fast forward almost 3 years and my flock is up to 40! Hahaha! If you know what chicken math is, that’s why!

I am part of a number of backyard chicken groups on social media and it seems there are always people selling or giving away chickens or looking to

To Vaccinate or Not

Due to human SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), vaccination is constantly in the news and on the minds of people worldwide Fortunately, scientists have developed effective vaccines that either prevent or reduce the severity of this sometimes-fatal disease

Chickens are also fortunate Although they don’t get COVID-19, they can contract Marek’s Disease, Coccidiosis and many other ailments that can kill them Science has developed vaccines and medications to help keep diseases from devastating a flock

Much of what we’ve learned about preventing human COVID-19 applies to many diseases that weaken or kill chickens In order to sicken or kill either a person or chicken