Neighbors Help Make Backyard Flocks Possible

Occasionally a friend visits us at Winding Pathways  He’s a retired professor of ornithology…a bird guy The first thing he does is “go visit our girls” These girls are our backyard chicken flock


Our chickens are attractions that entice friends here and are ambassadors of positive neighbor relations Our hens give us eggs while showing visitors how well these fascinating food producing animals fit into modern lives and suburban backyards


We live in an urban world A couple of generations ago most Americans grew up on farms or in small rural towns Although they now live in a modern suburb they

Chore Tips

Who needs a gym membership when you’ve got animals! You’ll definitely get your steps in on a farm!  Here are some tips to make chores easier- no matter if you have a few hens, our a whole menegarie of critters!

  • Have everything in one location

Have you ever seen an old farmhouse painting with the white cottage, big red barn, and chicken coop all peacefully nestled together on a green piece of land? One thing you’ll notice is, all the animals buildings are near the house! Try to plan your outbuildings all within walking distance The closer together your buildings,

Chicken Chore Chart for Kids

One of the perks of raising backyard chickens is teaching our kids responsibility There’s nothing more cute, fluffy and fun than baby chicks! The excitement is usually through the roof around here when we know baby chicks are coming With that excitement though comes the realization that chicks take a great amount of care in the first weeks and months of life

To handle the day-to-day chores, why not use a chicken chore chart!