What is a Meat Spot?

Have you ever cracked open a farm fresh egg, only to find a strange little brown blob on it?

It is called a “meat spot,” and as off-putting as that name may sound, a meat spot is actually an indicator of freshness


A meat spot looks like an irregularly shaped brown/red speck It is always found inside the albumen, or white of the egg A meat spot does not indicate a fertilized egg Meat spots can and will occur in non-fertilized eggs The odd speck is a piece of tissue that accidentally attaches to the egg while being formed in the

An Egg’s Incredible Journey

Perhaps the greatest joy of keeping a small chicken flock happens when an egg hits the frying pan The bold orange yolk is as pleasant to the eye as it will soon be to the taste buds  No grocery store egg can compare with it That egg followed an amazing journey before becoming human breakfast

Months earlier, folks at Hoover’s Hatchery collected hatching eggs from their numerous brooder flocks and trucked them to Rudd, Iowa, then gently tucked them into incubators On each egg’s yolk is a tiny cell with combined genes from the rooster that mated with the hen