The Science Behind Eggs

In today’s culture, there is a movement to return to the wholesome foods of our ancestors We are looking for pure foods, unadulterated by preservatives and chemical ingredients You don’t have to look far, and I bet one of your hens has already made one for you this morning-an egg!

Cool Egg Facts

  • One medium sized egg contains around 160 calories
  • The total cholesterol in an egg is about 200 mg
  • The fresher,the more nutrients are retained
  • It is recommended to eat 1-2 eggs per day to maintain heart health
  • Eggs have been proven to help lose weight!
  • The healthiest egg

An Egg’s Epic Journey to the Frying Pan

The delightful fragrance of sizzling bacon fills the kitchen as freshly cracked eggs plop into the frying pan  Along with whole wheat toast topped with English marmalade, few breakfasts are more delicious than eggs fresh from the backyard coop


Before those eggs enter the pan, they’ve undergone a remarkable journey that starts in the hen’s ovary


When a female chicken hatches she has two ovaries but one gradually shrinks and becomes unfunctional  The other gradually matures to generate all the eggs she’ll lay  When she’s about 20 weeks old, give or take a few weeks, a hen begins ovulation  It is