The Science Behind Eggs

In today’s culture, there is a movement to return to the wholesome foods of our ancestors. We are looking for pure foods, unadulterated by preservatives and chemical ingredients. You don’t have to look far, and I bet one of your hens has already made one for you this morning-an egg!

Cool Egg Facts

  • One medium sized egg contains around 160 calories.
  • The total cholesterol in an egg is about 200 mg.
  • The fresher,the more nutrients are retained.
  • It is recommended to eat 1-2 eggs per day to maintain heart health.
  • Eggs have been proven to help lose weight!
  • The healthiest egg for human consumption is the Guinea fowl egg, with the highest amounts of amino acids!

Like a self contained orb of nutrients, each egg contains the following:

  • All 9 essential amino acids (meaning the body cannot make these on its own)
  • Protein – 6 grams per egg!
  • Choline (helps transport fat from the liver)
  • Folic Acid (very essential during pregnancy, also aids in red blood cell growth)
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B12
  • Iron
  • Antioxidants (specifically lutein and zeaxanthin; found in the yolk. These are very important for eye health)

Does “farm fresh,” really matter?

Yes! As for your eggs, the closer to the source, the better. Hens fed a more balanced outdoor diet will lay more nutritious eggs. Free range chicken eggs contain less cholesterol, less saturated fat, and have higher Omega-3 fatty acids. Don’t worry, if all you can find are store bought eggs, they are still a superfood!

What is the healthiest way to eat eggs?

The simple answer I found while researching was by either boiling or poaching the eggs. Some sources say heating the egg too quickly can cause cholesterol oxidation and remove a portion of the nutrients. This is still being debated, so as long as you eat the WHOLE egg, white and yolk, you are still greatly benefiting.

What about cholesterol?

For years eggs have gotten a bad rap for being high in cholesterol. This has since been scientifically debunked. Studies show that people who eat eggs regularly actually have higher amounts of HDL, which is a good cholesterol. Eating eggs has been proven to lower blood pressure, but no change in LDL (a “bad” cholesterol).

Eggs are truly amazing! Affordable, self packaged, and full of flavor, we owe much of our health to our hens! Have an egg today, and better, share some eggs with your neighbors and friends!