Reducing Flies in the Coop

Farms, chickens and flies  They all go hand in hand  Unfortunately, you can’t have animals (even chickens) around without having flies around  Flies can be a big menace, especially if they find their way onto your or into your house  Let’s talk about some ways that you can keep the number of flies down


Preventing Flies

One of the best ways to keep flies down is to prevent them in the first place  You won’t be able to keep all flies away, but you can do your part to reduce the number of flies significantly  


Tips for Reducing Flies in the Coop

Flies are a constant nuisance, especially in backyards where you have livestock  Chickens don’t attract a huge amount of flies when compared to larger livestock like cattle or pigs, but they will still attract flies  Thankfully, there are a few simple ways to keep the annoying flies at bay

One of the first steps to reducing flies is to keep the coop and run clean  Flies are scavengers and feed on feces, decaying things and anything gross  If you keep the coop cleaned out, you’ll reduce the feed supply for flies around the coop  Remove poop daily  Poop in the