Why Do Chickens Need Dust Baths ?

If you’ve owned chickens, you’ve probably seen them giving themselves a dust bath Chickens will lay in a shallow area of scratched up dirt and kick it all over themselves If you haven’t seen it before, it can look a little frightening like your chicken is having a seizure Don’t worry though, it’s totally normal and necessary for your chicken’s health!
Chickens have evolved over time and have learned to take care of themselves when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene While we think of bathing as a process requiring soap and water, chickens are much the

Managing A Chicken Run

A joy of keeping a backyard chicken run is watching hens frolic outdoors Spending time in the fresh air gives birds a chance to sunbathe, dust their feathers, flap their wings, run, and enjoy dining on tasty green shoots and the protein-rich insects The best housing for a small flock includes a sturdy coop that protects birds from the weather, predators, and biting insects plus a run where they can enjoy the pleasures and healthful benefits of being outside
A well-managed run should have a sturdy pop hole door connecting the coop with the run Most chicken