Chicken Month Chat! Topic: Nutrition

Mark your calendars for a Monday, September 26th, Chicken Month Chat on Nutrition (6:30 pm central/7:30 pm eastern)  We’ll share an invite soon so keep your eyes posted for more details on this event, which will be held on Facebook

Tips to Keep Hens Laying in Winter

Winter can be a slow time for chickens Some hens will take a permanent break from laying eggs, while a select few lay once or twice a week

It can be disappointing to have chickens at home, but still have to buy store-bought eggs in the winter I certainly know the shame of buying eggs at the grocery store, when I have over 25 hens at home! Please know, this is cyclical and all part of mother nature Our chickens have to maintain their body conditions in the cold, and contend with less sunlight Their energy goes into surviving, and

Egg Laying Tips to Keep Up the Egg Production

If you’re looking for egg laying tips to keep your chickens laying beautiful eggs all year, you’re in the right place


Nutrition is Key

Feeding a quality food and snacks is the first place to start when it comes to egg production Chickens need to start from day one on a high quality, high protein feed to prevent long term problems One they reach 16-20 weeks old, you can switch them to a lower protein feed Certain snacks are also useful to encourage chickens to lay eggs

Meal worms, bugs, black sunflower seeds, scratch grains, and watermelon are all snacks that can

Is Changing Feed Harmful to Chickens?

If you’re just starting to raise chickens, a common question that gets asked is, “What is the best feed to give them?” Often, people will search for ways to save money on chicken feed If someone sat down and calculated out the cost of raising backyard chickens, they may find it costs more than just heading to the store to buy eggs However, you and I both know that nothing beats farm fresh eggs! For me, the first question I had to answer was, “Am

Forage or Feed? Nutritional Benefits of Chickens that Forage

There are many benefits to having chickens that are able to forage and don’t rely on just chicken feed Allowing chickens to forage helps reduce your carbon footprint and is great when you want to cut back on your feed costs There are also nutritional benefits for both you and your chickens when you provide them with access to forages
Chicken Nutrition
Before we go any further, let’s talk a little bit about chicken nutrition There are many aspects to nutrition that we need to be concerned with- protein, energy, vitamins and minerals Chickens that are being