Egg Laying Tips to Keep Up the Egg Production

If you’re looking for egg laying tips to keep your chickens laying beautiful eggs all year, you’re in the right place.


Nutrition is Key

Feeding a quality food and snacks is the first place to start when it comes to egg production. Chickens need to start from day one on a high quality, high protein feed to prevent long term problems. One they reach 16-20 weeks old, you can switch them to a lower protein feed. Certain snacks are also useful to encourage chickens to lay eggs.

Meal worms, bugs, black sunflower seeds, scratch grains, and watermelon are all snacks that can help encourage egg production. Make sure they’re getting enough calcium by feeding them cooked eggs and eggshells. A good nutrition foundation is paramount to chickens laying eggs. It’s the same in people – eat a healthier diet, be a healthier person.

Other Ways to Encourage Egg Laying

Next, make sure your flock stays healthy and parasite free – check for mites, lice, and fleas periodically. These problems stress your flock, and a stressed flock does not lay as many eggs.

Your chickens need consistent access to clean, fresh water to lay their beautiful eggs, and hopefully they can access fresh air and dirt as well. Keep the coop and nesting boxes clean and smelling nice.

Also, understand the natural chicken laying cycle. Egg production naturally slows down during the shorter fall and winter days due to less light and because of the feather molt during the fall. Hanging a light in chicken coop as the days become shorter is one way to keep your chickens laying.

Some people think the chicken’s natural laying cycle should be respected, and some people think chickens should not be freeloaders. Who knew that hanging a light in a coop is actually a very controversial topic? It’s your decision to hang a light or not hang a light. I tend to give my chickens a bit of a break during the fall and then turn on the light in late December. I don’t think hanging a light for part of the winter will be too detrimental to my chickens’ health.


Chicken Math!

And one of my favorite ways to keep egg production up? Keep replenishing your flock! Chickens have a productive lifespan of 5- 10 years, but their production slow down as they age. Older chickens always have a place on my farm, but young chickens lay more eggs. Adding new spring or winter chicks that won’t be molting at the same time as older birds is always a good idea! See – chicken math does have a tangible benefit!


These are all tips for keeping up the egg production in your backyard chickens. Do you have a tip I didn’t share?

Published by Michelle Marine

I'm a semi-crunchy Eastern Iowa mom of 4 crazy kids on a quest to stay sane and healthy. We try to live a sustainable lifestyle on 5 acres with chickens, dogs, rabbits & more! Grab some coffee or wine and hang out for a bit!