Winter Blues and Breathing Problems, too!

I know some people thrive in the colder weather, enjoying the snow sports and getting outside as much as possible, but for animal people, this year has been depressing… and wet I live in Mid-Michigan and my flock and me have the winter blues! I do not mind the cold weather one bit, it is why I chose to live in Michigan It’s a relief when we have cold weather, because a lot of the bugs pass away or go dormant and we do not have

Chicken Month Chat! Topic: Nutrition

Mark your calendars for a Monday, September 26th, Chicken Month Chat on Nutrition (6:30 pm central/7:30 pm eastern)  We’ll share an invite soon so keep your eyes posted for more details on this event, which will be held on Facebook

National Chicken Month Coloring Contest



We are going to have a coloring contest through Friday, September 17!

All kids ages 12 and under are eligible to participate (1 submission per person)

To enter, download the coloring sheet, print out the page, color it in however you like, take a photo of it and email it to contests@hoovershatcherycom

In the email, please include the child’s name, age, and coloring sheet

Prizes will be given to 1 person in the following age groups:
– 0-3
– 4-6
– 7-9
– 10-12

The winners will be picked by our customer service team and will receive a Hoover’s Hatchery™, NatureServe Feed, and Strong Animals merchandise package!