Best Breeds for Children

Raising chickens can be just as fun for children as it can be for adults!

Allowing children to help with chicken care teaches responsibility, increases empathy, and broadens perspective

This year, to get your child excited, allow them to pick out a few chicken breeds from the Hoover’s catalog! Any breed of chicken has the capability to become friendly However, there are some breeds that really excel with children! They are known for having a gentle, calm demeanor

Here are some of the very best breeds for children!

Large, cold-hardy, broody, and

Chicken Chore Chart for Kids

One of the perks of raising backyard chickens is teaching our kids responsibility There’s nothing more cute, fluffy and fun than baby chicks! The excitement is usually through the roof around here when we know baby chicks are coming With that excitement though comes the realization that chicks take a great amount of care in the first weeks and months of life

To handle the day-to-day chores, why not use a chicken chore chart!

What Raising Chickens Has Taught Our Kids

I have been sitting here contemplating where to even start with this blog We have been raising backyard chickens on and off for the last 15 years I honestly have a long list of all the wonderful and also hard lessons our backyard adventure has taught us Who knew that what started out as a way to get good quality eggs would turn into this!?!

Best Chicken Breeds to Raise Around Children

One of the most common questions a new chicken owner asks is: What are some good chicken breeds to raise around children?

You want your children have a positive experience with chickens You want chickens that are more prone to being calm, gentle, and patient The honest answer is, any chicken breed can be gentle and people oriented! The experience goes both ways If the chicks are raised by gentle, patient children, they will most likely grow up to be friendly, calm birds

Even though this may be the case, some breeds have consistently made the list of gentle chickens!

Benefits of Raising Children Around Livestock

In today’s culture, over sheltering and germophobia have become commonplace Parents cringe at the thought of their child picking up a beetle, or walking barefoot in the grass While caution and safety is very important, equally important is giving your child time outdoors Compelling research has recently been found to backup the positives of raising our children to have outdoor time and even to be around livestock Our great-grandparents who grew up on the farm, definitely knew a thing or two!

Generally More Healthy

Children raised around livestock are generally more healthy According to John Hopkins University, babies who were regularly