Neighbors Help Make Backyard Flocks Possible

Occasionally a friend visits us at Winding Pathways  He’s a retired professor of ornithology…a bird guy The first thing he does is “go visit our girls” These girls are our backyard chicken flock


Our chickens are attractions that entice friends here and are ambassadors of positive neighbor relations Our hens give us eggs while showing visitors how well these fascinating food producing animals fit into modern lives and suburban backyards


We live in an urban world A couple of generations ago most Americans grew up on farms or in small rural towns Although they now live in a modern suburb they

Making it Easy: Avoiding Sore Backs and Tired Muscles

Tending chickens comes with plenty of rewards, but lugging heavy water and feed isn’t one of them Lifting also risks a sore back and tired muscles

Twenty and thirty somethings don’t bat an eye at physical chores, but small children, gray haired seniors, and anyone unable to hoist a 50-pound feed bag may shun keeping chickens There’s good news  Several techniques make moving heavy water, feed, and litter easier and safer



Feed manufacturers know that many people aren’t able to lift a 50-pound bag, so they package the same product in smaller containers  It’s easier to carry a ten-pound pouch than