My Tiny Farm

HELLO! I hope this wonderful season has been blessing everyone’s family and friends with food from gardens and bugs for your flock! I am going to switch it up today! I wanted to talk to you about my tiny farm


My tiny farm has been growing lately We went from 30 chickens and a couple ducks and turkeys,

Week Two With New Chicks

The Rudd Rangers are growing right before my eyes! We have had them about 1 week, and they have grown from an average weight of 33 grams, all the way to 95 grams! Each day they grow more curious, more playful, and certainly hungrier Even though they are still fluff balls, I am starting to notice them getting more muscular and tall Their wing feathers are coming in, but I will not have to worry about them flying out of the brooder for a few more weeks still
They are relatively low maintenance at this age

Harvesting Meat Chickens

Raising and harvesting meat chickens at home is a great way to provide your family with nutritious food It’s nice to know how the chickens were raised and what they were fed The downside to raising meat chickens is harvesting them Here are some tips to make the harvesting process a little bit easier

The most commonly raised meat chicken is the Cornish cross  These chickens reach harvest weight in as little as 6-8 weeks  Other breeds, like the Rudd Ranger,