Garden Prep Before Planting

Let’s get ready to garden! Are you excited to grow your own vegetables this year? Growing a garden is a budget friendly way to get healthy food on the table, an opportunity to teach your kids where food comes from, and a way to reduce use of fossil fuels needed to transport far away food to us Here are a few things to do to prep your garden for the flurry of planting!


Clean the garden –

Remove any sticks, rocks, other debris that may have fallen on your garden throughout the winter Make sure you get rid of plants that


Raising chickens and gardening go hand in hand  You may know that you can improve your garden with your chickens, but have you tried composting to improve your garden?  It’s a simple way to reduce your waste and make your garden better, all at the same time

What is composting?

Composting is a method of reducing waste and turning it into something that gardeners like to call ‘black gold’  When you compost, you take kitchen and household waste and allow it to break down  Many waste materials, especially from the kitchen, contain valuable nutrients that plants need  With enough compost, you