Molting Chickens? Here’s How to Help

You walk into your backyard and it looks like your chickens went on an intense weight loss journey Feathers are everywhere and your hens look skinny and sickly without the full breadth of their beautiful feathers Don’t panic, your flock is fine, they’re just molting!


What is

How to Tell if a Bird is Molting or if Something Else is Going On

Is your chicken losing feathers?  Any time that your chickens start to loose feathers, it can make you wonder what’s going on or worry you that you aren’t doing enough for your chickens  Molting is a natural process that can look really bad, but in reality, it’s not  So how do you know if your chicken is loosing feathers just because it’s molting or if there’s something else going on?


Signs Your Chickens Are Molting

Molting is a natural process that chickens go through every year Just like sharks go through teeth frequently, chickens and