Diary of a Chicken Owner- Egg Layers!

Having your own laying hens can be super rewarding, and it can be extra exciting getting eggs from your flock!
This week I received a box of happiness from Hoover’s- an assortment of egg layers!
Upon opening the box, I was struck by how beautiful they all were! It was like opening a treasure box for a crazy chicken lady! They looked like tiny gemstones; each one different from the other! As soon as I opened the box to inspect them all, I saw one of the dark grey chicks was acting very weak. It had trouble standing and was flopping over. Sometimes the stress of shipping is too much on their little bodies. After helping her drink some water and letting her rest, she soon bounced back to life! It is very important to “show” every chick where the water is right when you get them. Dip their beak gently into the waterer, and they will soon understand how to use it. Have a heat lamp, clean bedding, a shallow waterer, and chick crumble ready for them after their huge journey.
In this shipment, we received females of the following:
• 3 Midnight Majesty Marans (mostly black)
• 3 Americanas (striped)
• 3 Prairie Bluebell Eggers (assorted)
• 3 Sapphire Splashes (varying shades of grey)
• 3 Starlight Green Eggers (assorted)

These breeds are relatively new, and some are specific to Hoover’s. Much care and consideration has gone into selecting these breeds to not only have them lay colored eggs, but also to lay them regularly. Some of the breeds are crossed with Leghorn heritage, ensuring they will lay often! So, not only will we be getting a beautiful assortment of birds, we also will be getting LOTS of colorful eggs!
With the Prairies, Starlights, and Americanas, they can come in a wide variety of colors, so it is hard to tell who will be who until they are grown. Americana chicks are usually “chipmunk” patterned, meaning they will be striped. Americana chicks also usually have puffy cheek feathers. We have several “chipmunk” ones, and several yellow “chipmunks” (of which I have never seen!) There couldn’t be a more varied little box of chicks!

I definitely have a favorite chick; the black and white one. She is black on the top, with a white underbelly. Her face is white, with lots of tiny black speckles. It is unusual to see such color variation on a small chick! I have no idea which breed she may be, but she certainly is very special.
Since these girls will be staying with us for a long time, the next fun step will be coming up their names!
My family and I are super excited to see how our rainbow flock will grow and change through the coming weeks!